Convert Java 1.8+ time and date classes to and from legacy time and date classes
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Convert Java 1.8+ time and date classes to and from legacy time and date classes

This project attempts to provide a comprehensive set of example conversion methods to translate between any combination of legacy API dates and times and new API dates and times -- with unit tests.

Perhaps you've got a Calendar and you need a ZonedDateTime. Maybe you're doing your calculations using Instant objects, but one legacy API still needs a java.util.Date. This code will hopefully show you how to handle that correctly. Conversions are performed as directly as possible. None of these conversions are particularly complicated, but I found half a dozen bugs while adding the unit tests, so I think it's worthwhile using reference code rather than writing your own every time.

That said, this code comes with no warranty express or implied, as per the license. Please perform your own tests before using it for anything important.

Domino and XPages conversions

For those who use IBM Domino and Java, the XHodgePodge class implements conversion between Domino DateTime objects and Java date and time classes.

Because there's no easy way to get good time zone information out of DateTime objects, conversion to Calendar and ZonedDateTime types happens by parsing the text output of DateTime.getZoneTime(). The parsing is performed by assembling a Java 8 DateTimeFormatter based on the Domino i18n settings obtained from the International class.


Copyright © IBM Corp. 2018. Apache license.