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; This file is part of DataBallet.
; Copyright (C) 2012-2013 Laurent Parenteau <>
; Copyright (C) 2015 Sam Habiel <>
; DataBallet is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
; it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
; (at your option) any later version.
; DataBallet is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
; GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
; You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
; along with DataBallet. If not, see <>.
; Required configuration
; User configuration.
do ^userconf
; HTTP status codes
; set conf("status",100)="Continue"
; set conf("status",101)="Switching Protocols"
set conf("status",200)="OK"
; set conf("status",201)="Created"
; set conf("status",202)="Accepted"
; set conf("status",203)="Non-Authoritative Information"
; set conf("status",204)="No Content"
; set conf("status",205)="Reset Content"
; set conf("status",206)="Partial Content"
; set conf("status",300)="Multiple Choices"
set conf("status",301)="Moved Permanently"
; set conf("status",302)="Found"
set conf("status",303)="See Other"
set conf("status",304)="Not Modified"
; set conf("status",305)="Use Proxy"
; set conf("status",307)="Temporary Redirect"
set conf("status",400)="Bad Request"
; set conf("status",401)="Unauthorized"
; set conf("status",402)="Payment Required"
set conf("status",403)="Forbidden"
set conf("status",404)="Not Found"
set conf("status",404,"data")="<html><head><title>404 : Page Not Found</title></head><body><h1>404 : Page Not Found</h1></body></html>"
set conf("status",404,"ct")="text/html"
set conf("status",404,"cl")=$zlength(conf("status","404","data"))
set conf("status",405)="Method Not Allowed"
; set conf("status",406)="Not Acceptable"
; set conf("status",407)="Proxy Authentication Required"
set conf("status",408)="Request Timeout"
; set conf("status",409)="Conflict"
; set conf("status",410)="Gone"
; set conf("status",411)="Length Required"
; set conf("status",412)="Precondition Failed"
; set conf("status",413)="Request Entity Too Large"
; set conf("status",414)="Request-URI Too Long"
; set conf("status",415)="Unsupported Media Type"
; set conf("status",416)="Requested Range Not Satisfiable"
; set conf("status",417)="Expectation Failed"
; set conf("status",500)="Internal Server Error"
; set conf("status",501)="Not Implemented"
; set conf("status",502)="Bad Gateway"
; set conf("status",503)="Service Unavailable"
; set conf("status",504)="Gateway Timeout"
set conf("status",505)="HTTP Version Not Supported"
set conf("status",505,"data")="<html><head><title>505 : HTTP Version Not Supported</title></head><body><h1>505 : HTTP Version Not Supported</h1></body></html>"
set conf("status",505,"ct")="text/html"
set conf("status",505,"cl")=$zlength(conf("status","505","data"))
; Content-types mapping
set conf("ct",".htm")="text/html"
set conf("ct",".html")=conf("ct",".htm")
set conf("ct",".css")="text/css"
set conf("ct",".xml")="text/xml"
set conf("ct",".txt")="text/plain"
set conf("ct",".js")="application/javascript"
set conf("ct",".jpg")="image/jpeg"
set conf("ct",".jpeg")=conf("ct",".jpg")
set conf("ct",".gif")="image/gif"
set conf("ct",".png")="image/png"
set conf("ct",".ico")="image/"
set conf("ct",".m")="text/plain"
; Define compressible content-type
set conf("compressible","text/html")=1
set conf("compressible","text/css")=1
set conf("compressible","text/xml")=1
set conf("compressible","text/plain")=1
set conf("compressible","application/javascript")=1
; DataBallet version : YYYYMMDD
set databalletver=20151015
; Start the HTTP server.
set $ZTRAP="do errhandler^databallet"
new conf
do conf
; Cleanup scratch global
kill @TMP@("DataBallet")
; Start logging process
job start^log($get(conf("log"),""),$get(conf("extlog"),"")):(output="/dev/null":error="/dev/null")
new port
set port=$order(conf("listenon",""))
for quit:port="" do
. job listen^databallet(port):(output="/dev/null":error="/dev/null")
. set port=$order(conf("listenon",port))
; Coffee break...
for quit:$data(@TMP@("DataBallet","quit")) hang 5
; Listen on a particular socket for incomming connection
set $ZTRAP="do errhandler^databallet"
new conf
do conf
new socket,handle,p,socketfd
set socket="databallet"
open socket:(ZLISTEN=conf("listenon",port)_":TCP":znoff:zdelay:zbfsize=2048:zibfsize=2048:attach="databallet"):30:"SOCKET"
use socket
write /listen(5)
for do quit:$data(@TMP@("DataBallet","quit"))
. for write /wait(1) quit:$key'="" quit:$data(@TMP@("DataBallet","quit"))
. quit:$data(@TMP@("DataBallet","quit"))
. if +$piece($zversion,"GT.M V",2)'<6.1,$piece($key,"|")="CONNECT" do
. . set childSocket=$piece($key,"|",2)
. . use socket:(detach=childSocket)
. . new q set q=""""
. . new arg set arg=q_"SOCKET:"_childSocket_q
. . new isTLS set isTLS=port="https"
. . new jobarg set jobarg="serve(isTLS):(input="_arg_":output="_arg_":error="_q_conf("errorlog")_".fork"_q_")"
. . if $g(debug) do
. . . use socket:(attach=childSocket)
. . . do serve(isTLS)
. . else job @jobarg
. ;
. ; Old way. Job off a new server, serve this request, and then stop.
. if +$piece($zversion,"GT.M V",2)<6.1,$piece($key,"|")="CONNECT" do
. . use socket:(socket=$piece($key,"|",2))
. . close socket:(socket="server")
. . job listen^databallet(port):(input="/dev/null":output="/dev/null":error="/dev/null")
. . do serve(isTLS)
. . halt
; Serve web page(s) to a connected client.
set $ZTRAP="do errhandler^databallet"
new io s io=$g(socket,$principal)
if isTLS do
. use io:ioerror="notrap"
. write /tls("server",1,"tls")
. new dollarDevice,dollarKey,dollarTest
. set dollarDevice=$device
. set dollarKey=$key
. set dollarTest=$test
. new % set %="break here to see variables"
new conf
do conf
new line,eol,delim,connection,port
set eol=$char(13)_$char(10)
set delim=$char(10)
set timeout=10
set connection("PORT")=$$FUNC^%UCASE($ztrnlnm("PORT","","","","","VALUE"))
use io:(nowrap:delim=delim:znoff:zdelay:zbfsize=2048:zibfsize=2048)
read line:timeout
if $test,'$zeof do
. set $x=0
. set connection("HTTPVER")=$$gethttpver^request(line)
. if connection("HTTPVER")="HTTP/1.1" set connection("CONNECTION")="KEEP-ALIVE" do keepalive(line) if 1
. else if connection("HTTPVER")="HTTP/1.0" set connection("CONNECTION")="CLOSE" do keepalive(line) if 1
. else if connection("HTTPVER")="" do serve09(line) if 1
. else set connection("HTTPVER")="HTTP/1.0" do senderr^response("505")
; Serve an HTTP/0.9 request.
; HTTP/0.9 supports only simple-request and simple-response :
; Simple-Request = "GET" SP Request-URI CRLF
; Simple-Response = [ Entity-Body ]
new request,response
; Extract method
set request("method")=$$getmethod^request(line)
; HTTP/0.9 only allow the GET method.
; Extract the Request-URI from the 1st line.
set request("uri")=$$geturi^request(line)
; Init some response fields
do init^response()
; Route the request to the correct handler. This will populate the response variable.
do route^routing()
; Send the content if everything is fine.
do:response("status")="200" send^response()
; Serve a single HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1 request.
new request,response,length
; Extract method
set request("method")=$$getmethod^request(line)
; Extract the Request-URI
set request("uri")=$$geturi^request(line)
; Init some response fields
do init^response()
; Read all request
for read line:timeout quit:'$test quit:line=$char(13) quit:$zeof do parsehdrs^request(line)
if ('$test)!($zeof) do set^response(408) if 1
else do
. ; If the request advertised a body, read it.
. if $data(request("headers","CONTENT-LENGTH")) do
. . set request("content")=""
. . set length=request("headers","CONTENT-LENGTH")
. . use $io:(nodelim)
. . for read line#length:timeout quit:'$test quit:$zeof set request("content")=request("content")_line set length=length-$zlength(line) quit:length<1
. . use $io:(delim=delim)
. ; Route the request to the correct handler. This will populate the response variable.
. do route^routing()
; Send response headers
do sendresphdr^response()
; Send response content
do send^response()
; Handle keep-alive connections for HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1.
for do servesinglereq(line) quit:$data(@TMP@("DataBallet","quit")) quit:connection("CONNECTION")'="KEEP-ALIVE" read line:timeout quit:'$test quit:$zeof
; Error handler in case something bad happens. Will print some debug information to the log file and halt.
set $ztrap="halt"
new file,old
set old=$io
set file=conf("errorlog")
open file:(append:nofixed:wrap:noreadonly:chset="M")
use file
write "Error at "_$horolog,!,$zstatus,!
zshow "SIDV"
close file
use old