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#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
extern NSString * const ODBEditorCustomPathKey;
@interface ODBEditor : NSObject
UInt32 _signature;
NSString *_editorBundleIdentifier;
NSMutableDictionary *_filePathsBeingEdited;
+ (id)sharedODBEditor;
- (void)setEditorBundleIdentifier:(NSString *)bundleIdentifier;
- (NSString *)editorBundleIdentifier;
- (void)abortEditingFile:(NSString *)path;
- (void)abortAllEditingSessionsForClient:(id)client;
// NOTE that client is never retained - it is your reponsibility to
// make sure the client sticks around and abort editing for that client
// before it is dealloc'd
// Also note that while it is possible to start several editString
// sessions for a single client it is the client's responsibility to
// distinguish between the sessions (possibly using the original
// context that you supplied.) It is also the clients responsibility to
// do the same for file editing sessions, but this should be easier
// since the file path will remain static (except in the save as case)
// whereas the string returned is obviously going to change as the user
// edits it.
- (BOOL)editFile:(NSString *)path options:(NSDictionary *)options forClient:(id)client context:(NSDictionary *)context;
- (BOOL)editString:(NSString *)string options:(NSDictionary *)options forClient:(id)client context:(NSDictionary *)context;
@interface NSObject(ODBEditorClient)
// see the ODB Editor documentation for when newFileLocation is sent
// if the file wasn't subject to a save as newpath will be nil
-(void)odbEditor:(ODBEditor *)editor didModifyFile:(NSString *)path newFileLocation:(NSString *)newPath context:(NSDictionary *)context;
-(void)odbEditor:(ODBEditor *)editor didClosefile:(NSString *)path context:(NSDictionary *)context;
-(void)odbEditor:(ODBEditor *)editor didModifyFileForString:(NSString *)newString context:(NSDictionary *)context;
-(void)odbEditor:(ODBEditor *)editor didCloseFileForString:(NSString *)newString context:(NSDictionary *)context;