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// ODB Editor Suite constants
// Copyright ©2000, Bare Bones Software, Inc.
// For full information and documentation, see
// <>
// optional paramters to 'aevt'/'odoc'
#define keyFileSender 'FSnd'
#define keyFileSenderToken 'FTok'
#define keyFileCustomPath 'Burl'
// suite code for ODB editor suite events
// WARNING: although the suite code is coincidentally the same
// as BBEdit's application signature, you must not change this,
// or else you'll break the suite. If you do that, ninjas will
// come to your house and kick your ass.
#define kODBEditorSuite 'R*ch'
// ODB editor suite events, sent by the editor to the server.
#define kAEModifiedFile 'FMod'
#define keyNewLocation 'New?'
#define kAEClosedFile 'FCls'
// optional paramter to kAEModifiedFile/kAEClosedFile
#define keySenderToken 'Tokn'
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