Compute CFEngine3 runtime splaytime for a given host
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Compute CFEngine3 runtime splaytime for a given host.

Splaytime is the time cf-execd delays cf-agent execution to spread the load on CFEngine server over a period of time.

The length of this period is given by the "splaytime" statement in "body executor control", and each host delays its execution within this timeframe by a specific delay, computed by a host-specific hashing.

Hashing parameters are:

  • hostname
  • main ip address
  • uid used to run cf-execd

Until cf-execd execution, it is not possible to know in advance this host-specific delay.

cfe-rsplaytime allows to compute this delay. It was used once to debug a huge clients to server connections problem, (which was finally a promise issue)

Usage <splaytime> <fqdn> <ip> <uid>

$ ./ 1 debian70.boring 0
Runtime splaytime is 45.55s


The computed splaytime is valid for the following CFEngine versions:

  • 3.4.x
  • 3.5.x
  • 3.6.0


Loic Pefferkorn, please use Github issues for bugs or enhancements ideas :)