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= NAME =
atdtool - After the Deadline command-line tool
**atdtool** -h
**atdtool** [-e/--error] [-k/--key=<key>] <files...>
**atdtool** [-e/--error] [-k/--key=<key>] -l/--language <fr/de/pt/es> <files...>
**atdtool** [-e/--error] [-k/--key=<key>] -s/--server <server> <files...>
**atdtool** is a command-line tools that contacts an After the Deadline language
service and displays the errors reported by the service in a format very similar
to gcc's.
**After the Deadline** is a language checker that is able to:
- spell check contextually
- check style
- check grammar
The official server is free for personal use. They provide a free server for
commercial use. atdtool can be used with the default server or with a
custom one.
**-h** Help.
**-e, --error** Exit with error when any error is found.
**-k, --key=<key>** Selects the key to use. AtD servers cache results based on
this parameter.
**-l, --language=[fr/de/pt/es]** Selects the language. This affects the server used.
**-s, --server=<server>** Use a custom server.
= Vim integration =
atdtool can be used as a //quickfix// program in Vim with the following command:
``` :set makeprg=atdtool\ %
You can then use ``:make`` to check the current buffer and navigate the errors
with the quickfix window, the same way gcc's errors can be navigated.
More information on quickfix can be found with ``:help quickfix`` in Vim or at
Written by [Leandro Penz], based on the python bindings
by Miguel Ventura at
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