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HardInfo was started in 2003, by L. Pereira, and has received contributions from many people over the years.

There was a time it didn't even use a version control system. The early notes and changelogs were lost. Some important contributions were made by simply submitting bug reports or comments. For these reasons, it would be difficult to gather the names of all the people that contributed to the project.

Here is an incomplete list of contributors:

Includes code from or based on:

  • uber-graph by Christian Hergert, and others.
  • BinReloc by Hongli Lai
  • by Philip Edelbrock, Christian Zuckschwerdt, and Burkart Lingner
  • x86cpucaps by Osamu Kayasono
  • MD5 implementation by Colin Plumb (see md5.c for details)
  • SHA1 implementation by Steve Reid (see sha1.c for details)
  • Blowfish implementation by Paul Kocher (see blowfish.c for details)
  • Raytracing benchmark by John Walker (see fbench.c for details)
  • FFT benchmark by Scott Robert Ladd (see fftbench.c for details)
  • Vendor list based on GtkSysInfo by Pissens Sebastien


  • Jakub Szypulka
  • Tango Project
  • The GNOME Project
  • VMWare, Inc. (USB icon from VMWare Workstation 6)

See also: