Solutions of the KSI CUNI.CZ team for the RecSys Challenge 2018
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Solutions of the KSI CUNI.CZ team for the RecSys Challenge 2018


  • Python 3, tensorFlow, numpy, pandas, scikit-learn

High-level overview

  • our team participated mainly in the creative track of the RecSys Challenge 2018. As additional dataset, we utilized audio features of the tracks as collected through Spotify Audio API: (see

  • furthermore the solution consisted mainly of Word2Vec models applied on both track-level and album-level (see for sentences preparation and and for model creations). Word2Vec models are utilized by output model ( in the form of pre-calculated top-k most similar tracks/albums for each challenge set track.

  • audio features are standardized (AudioFeaturesVisualization.ipynb), processed via Siamese network ( and utilized according to their stability w.r.t. playlist (calculated in to re-rank recommended tracks and also to recommend additional tracks should the overall stability be high.

  • output model further utilizes tracks from/with the same album/author/title and overall popularity of tracks. Datasets for these calculations are generated by

  • note that word2vec model generation is nondeterministic due to the top-k words selection. Ask authors for stored models used for generating solutions.


  • TBD