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Dogma can be configured to have different behaviours via your project's Mix config. You can select a rule set to use as your base configuration, and then apply additional configuration on top of the set.

Dogma will load the config from config/dogma.exs if it exists.

Here's an example configuration.

# config/dogma.exs
use Mix.Config
alias Dogma.Rule

config :dogma,

  # Select a set of rules as a base
  rule_set: Dogma.RuleSet.All,

  # Pick paths not to lint
  exclude: [

  # Override an existing rule configuration
  override: [
    %Rule.LineLength{ max_length: 120 },
    %Rule.HardTabs{ enabled: false },


The rule_set key takes the name of a rule set module, which contains the list of rules to use as well as their configuration. It defaults to Dogma.RuleSet.All.


The exclude key takes a list of regexes, and checks these against the paths of files in the project directory. Any files that match any of the regexes supplied will not be checked by Dogma.

For example, if my regex was ~r(\Alib/vendor/), a file at lib/vendor/foo.ex would be ignored by Dogma.


The override key takes a list of Rule structs. The struct keys are the rule's configuration options, as well as the :enabled key, which can be used to disable a rule entirely when set to the value false.