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ExpressRequest plugin for CakePHP

Something about package

This package help me a lot with query url, maybe it will help you, often when I try to make api's I tried to make complex url, complex querystring parameters and I felt frustrated, because something did not make sense. After poc's and poc's and good companion's help, I've come to this conclusion.

How this package can help you

Instead of make more and more complex url query params or many endpoints, let's try to produce what really model can be to customers, goto code.


You can install this plugin into your CakePHP application using composer.

The recommended way to install composer packages is:

composer require mdantas/express-request

Add plugin to our Application.php

public function bootstrap(): void
    //... other codes.

Express your filter's on model

Our table object needed implement ExpressRepositoryInterface make new methods.

class DomainsTable extends Table implements ExpressRepositoryInterface {
    public function getFilterable(): FiltersCollection
        return new FiltersCollection([
            new BooleanFilter('active'),
            new SearchFilter('name', SearchFilter::START_STRATEGY),
            new SearchDateFilter('created_at'),
            new NumberFilter('price'),
            new SearchInFilter('type')

    public function getSelectables(): array
        return [


In Controller/AppController.php load component called: ExpressRequest.ExpressParams and now, add some code to our DomainsController.


public function index()
    // The finder need to be a method what return a Cake\ORM\Query object.
    return $this
                'findDomainsByCompany', // Finder model method
                $companyId // Optional

*Of course, don't forget to add a route to this controller.

$routes->scope('/', function (RouteBuilder $builder) {
    $builder->get('/domains', ['controller' => 'Domains', 'action' => 'index']);


Let's see how your /domains endpoint is now more friendly for the requests/resources.

Open in the browser: http://localhost:8765/domains?price=140..3000&sort[price]=asc&type[not]=profit&size=1

// http://localhost:8765/domains?price=140..3000&sort[price]=asc&type[not]=profit&size=1

  "data": [
      "id": "dee7b40b-df70-33b7-90e0-1d13a4b13693",
      "name": "Azevedo e Pacheco",
      "company_id": "2130a414-828a-4ae3-a3a6-5f153fe25ad8",
      "city_id": 2507705,
      "created_at": "2010-02-12T21:18:44+00:00",
      "modified_at": null,
      "price": "291.600",
      "type": "purchase"
  "meta": {
    "total": 103,
    "per_page": 1,
    "current_page": 1,
    "last_page": 103,
    "first_page_url": "http://localhost:8765/domains?price=140..3000&sort%5Bprice%5D=asc&type%5Bnot%5D=profit&size=1&page=1",
    "next_page_url": "http://localhost:8765/domains?price=140..3000&sort%5Bprice%5D=asc&type%5Bnot%5D=profit&size=1&page=2",
    "last_page_url": "http://localhost:8765/domains?price=140..3000&sort%5Bprice%5D=asc&type%5Bnot%5D=profit&size=1&page=103",
    "prev_page_url": null,
    "path": "http://localhost:8765/domains",
    "from": 1,
    "to": 1


I've talked about this help me a lot, right? now, see how this stuff works.

Every requests is treat on ExpressRequest.ExpressParams this component try to understand what the request need and with help of model it reproduces a response, some operations or conditions by the users can be dangerous or simple introduces requests errors on application because the request is wrong, for this reason, model express to component what it can do, if it can't, nothing occur, and think, what if we try to search 'A' on boolean typed data? For this reason some typed filters are implemented.

Select only fields.

// localhost/domains?props=name,price,created_at - Select only this three fields.

Sorting data

for each field, have two values: asc, desc.

// localhost/domains?sort[name]=asc
// localhost/domains?sort[name]=asc&sort[price]=desc

Contained data

Sometimes we need to retrieve data with relationship, of course, it's can be easily.

// http://localhost:8765/domains?nested=users,comments //Get data with relationship

Need to add complex or conditions to your related data, the simple awnser is: you can't, and you shouldn't try, if you need some complex related data see: CakePHP docs


Powerfully and secure filter's:


Filter by boolean values ? like 'true', 'false', '1', '0'


can filter data by numbers with some helps.

// localhost/domains?price=100 - Exact by 100
// localhost/domains?price=100..200 - Between 100 and 200
// localhost/domains?price[lt|gt|lte|gte]=100 - filter less, great, less than or great than.

This filter have four methods of work:

class SearchFilter implements FilterTypeInterface
    use ProcessableFilterTrait;

    const PARTIAL_STRATEGY = 'partial';
    const START_STRATEGY = 'start';
    const END_STRATEGY = 'end';
    const EXACT_STRATEGY = 'exact';
new SearchFilter('name') - Exact is default
// localhost/domains?name=marcos - Exact by marcos
new SearchFilter('name', SearchFilter::PARTIAL_STRATEGY)
// localhost/domains?name=marcos - add a %value% by like method.
new SearchFilter('name', SearchFilter::START_STRATEGY) 
// localhost/domains?name=marcos - add a value% by like method.
new SearchFilter('name', SearchFilter::END_STRATEGY) 
// localhost/domains?name=marcos - add a %value by like method.

filter by value or group values.

// localhost/domains?name=marcos - name in('marcos')
// localhost/domains?name=marcos,github - name in('marcos', 'github')
// localhost/domains?name[not]=marcos,github - name not in('marcos', 'github') 
// localhost/domains?created_at=2019 - by init of 2019 year.
// localhost/domains?created_at=2019-01 - by init of Jan/2019 year.
// localhost/domains?created_at=201903 - by init of Mar/2019 year.
// localhost/domains?created_at=2019-01-12 - by day 12 of Jan/2019 year.
// localhost/domains?created_at=20190315 - by day 15 of Mar/2019 year.
Custom Filter ?

By implementing FilterTypeInterface and if you want ProcessableFilterTrait you can create a filter for what you need.

About Component

The component have a list of configurations values to work above query params, without reserved keys it try to filter content, if model accept it.

    'pagination' => true,
    'maxSize' => 100, // Max number of per page.
    'size' => 20, // default numbers of items per page
    'ssl' => true, //generate routes with ssl by default
    'reserved' => [  // If you need to use one o more of this keywords, change to alias.
        'size' => 'size',
        'page' => 'page',
        'props' => 'props',
        'nested' => 'nested',
        'sort' => 'sort'

Change some configs...

public function initialize()
    // ...code
    $this->loadComponent('ExpressRequest.ExpressParams', [
        'ssl' => false,
        'maxSize' => 30,
        'reserved' => [
            'props' => 'fields'
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