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This repo provides you the minimal setup to play a bit with pact, understand it concepts and benefits it can bring to the way how you, your team and the teams around you approach the consumer driven contracts.

It contains 3 services which implement some minimal functionality just enough to be able to demonstrate the idea behind CDCs and pact. You can start everything up by building info-app and hamburg-service by gradlew build in both directories and running docker-compose up and executing a HTTP GET against http://localhost:8080/vehicles/hamburg


The consumer of the data provided by the 2 others. Written as a very basic [spring boot] app providing just one HTTP endpoint and exposing how the PACTs are being created by the consumers.

The contract (pact) generation happens here:

  • src/test/java/example/vehicles/clients/CologneClientTest.java
  • src/test/java/example/vehicles/clients/HamburgClientTest.java

To run the tests just execute gradlew test this will also create the pact files in target/pacts. You can either share them between the different services directly as paths (then you need to execute this cp target/pacts/* ../pacts/) or via the broker. Currently there is no automatic upload configured, so you need to upload them by hand (remember to spin up the pact-broker before 🤓) by doing:

curl -v -XPUT \-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d@info-app-hamburg-service.json \

curl -v -XPUT \-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d@info-app-cologne-service.json \


One of the providers, also based on the spring boot framework, demonstrating how the provider-verification works using pact-jvm-provider-spring.

To execute the tests just type gradlew test

The contract (pact) verification happens here:

  • src/test/java/example/vehicles/VehiclesContractTest.java


Another provider, this time based on express.js and node 8, showing the usage of pact-js.

To execute the tests just type npm test (but remember to have done an npm install once to set up dependencies, and to have started the server with npm start.

The contract (pact) verification happens here:

  • spec/registrationsSpec.js


You can also spin up a pact-broker by running docker-compose up in the pact-broker-dockerized dir. You can access it's UI via http://localhost

A longer introduction to CDCs and PACT will follow as a blog post. Watch https://lplotni.github.io for updates.