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Custom application to add label printing capabilities to OCLC's WMS system.
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Custom application to add label printing capabilities to OCLC's WMS system.


git clone this repository. Install TCPDF so that /WMS-Labeling and /tcpdf are in the same directory (e.g., if WMS-Labeling is at /www/WMS-Labeling then tcpdf should be at /www/tcpdf). and Then open config/config.php.template and add OCLC WSKey credentials and save it as config.php.

Open config/crosswalks.php.example to map shelving locations to desired call number prefixes (e.g., Reference should print as REF on your label) and save as crosswalks.php.

Edit scripts/laser.config.sample.php to desired margins and settings for your label printer stock.

Print/edit a single label

Launch and click 'New/Reset Barcodes' Scan in a barcode and indicate whether a pocket label is desired. Then click "Make Labels".

In the preview screen, click anywhere on the call number to edit it. Make your changes and click OK.


Click "Print Labels". A PDF will be generated. Press Ctrl + P to send the PDF to your printer.

Print labels in a batch

After scanning a barcode, hit Enter on your keyboard, or press +1 at the bottom of the screen to add multiple barcodes.

When you click "Print Labels" each call number will print on a separate 'page' of the resulting PDF.

While you could edit these barcodes, right now editing a barcode results in printing only the label you edited, rather than the entire batch.

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