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I examine the whether pyrodiversity enhances the resistance of plant-pollinator communities and pollinator populations using a variety of methods including 1) calculating metrics for describing network topology 2) interaction turnover, 3) network role variability and 4) extinction simulations. I am committed to reproducible science and all analytical code will be maintained on github, along with a write up (in the writeup folder).

The entire analysis is executable from the file (inside the analyseis folder). All of the packages needed to run the analyses are listed in the file (located within the main directory). All R scripts were run in v3.5.3.

Navigate to the analysisfolder within the github repo (Yosemite) then the file can be selected and run in terminal. This will somewhat helpfully print the results of each analysis and re-create any accompanying figures.

I walk through each the main script for each analysis individually in the write up. There I also outline all of the decision points for each of the analysis.