Java dependency injection in Clojure
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Boing is a Java dependency injection tool written in Clojure. The main motivation behind this initiative was to get away from Spring beans and many of the dependencies that it carries in our software. Hence the name... if you have better suggestions, let us know.

##Why did we created this ?

We have some Java/Spring legacy code that we want to move to Clojure. However some Java libraries like ORMs, ... require Java centric initializations. We want to keep dependency injection for these initializations and avoid having to recode them one by one. They will still be needed after we move our Java code base to Clojure.


We think that DI the way Boing implements it light weight enough such that it can be generalized to interface Clojure with other Java frameworks simple or complex.

We will see in the following weeks/months how far we can get with this with various examples applied in various spots in our code.

The next step(s) we envisionned:

  • Experiment with other Java centric stuff that will not have equivalents in Clojure for a while. Suggestions are welcomed.


Please refer to the Wiki of the project at:


The examples folder contains presently one comparative example between Spring and Boing. This one is complex and comes from some of our software use of Spring beans. Other examples will follow.


Copyright (C) 2011 Luc Préfontaine, SoftAddicts Inc.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure uses.