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#!/usr/bin/env python
xlsx2tsv file1.xlsx [file2.xlsx ... fileN.xlsx]
Parse a .xlsx file(s) (Excel OOXML, which is not OpenOffice) into tab-separated values.
Output directory (ie. file1.xls_sheets/) is created per each input file.
In this directory the sheets from given xlsx file are stored as separate .tsv files.
Outputs honest-to-goodness tsv, no quoting or embedded \\n\\r\\t.
The spec for this format is 5220 pages. I did not use it. This was helpful:
But mostly I guessed how the format works. So bugs are guaranteed.
# by brendan o'connor - -
# Modified by lpryszcz (
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
import os, sys, zipfile, re, itertools
if len(sys.argv)<2:
print __doc__.strip()
def letter2col_index(letter):
""" A -> 0, B -> 1, Z -> 25, AA -> 26, BA -> 52 """
base26digits = [1+ord(x)-ord("A") for x in letter]
return sum([x*26**(len(base26digits) - k - 1) for k,x in enumerate(base26digits)]) - 1
def flatten(iter):
return list(itertools.chain(*iter))
def cell2text(cell, ss_list):
if cell is None:
return ""
elif 't' in cell.attrib and cell.attrib['t'] == 's':
# shared string
idx = int(cell.find(n("v")).text)
si = ss_list[idx]
t_elt = si.find(n("t"))
if t_elt is not None:
return t_elt.text
t_elts = si.findall(n("r") + "/" + n("t"))
if t_elts:
text = "".join( (t.text) for t in t_elts )
return text
raise Exception("COULDNT DECODE CELL: %s" % ET.tostring(si))
#return si.find(n("t")).text
#return ET.tostring(si)
v_elt = cell.find(n("v"))
if v_elt is None: return ""
return v_elt.text
def make_cells(max_col):
return [None] * (max_col+1)
warning_max = 50
def warning(s):
global warning_count
warning_count += 1
if warning_count > warning_max: return
print>>sys.stderr, "WARNING: %s" % s
def cell_text_clean(text):
s = text.encode("utf-8")
if "\t" in s: warning("Clobbering embedded tab")
if "\n" in s: warning("Clobbering embedded newline")
if "\r" in s: warning("Clobbering embedded carriage return")
s = s.replace("\t"," ").replace("\n"," ").replace("\r"," ")
return s
def read_sheet_and_save(z, sheet_num, out):
ss_xml ="xl/sharedStrings.xml")
ss_list = ET.XML(ss_xml).findall(n("si"))
xml ="xl/worksheets/sheet%s.xml" % sheet_num)
s = ET.fromstring(xml)
rows = s.findall(n("sheetData")+"/"+n("row"))
all_cells = flatten( [[c for c in row.findall(n("c"))] for row in rows] )
max_col = max(letter2col_index("^[A-Z]+",c.attrib['r']).group()) for c in all_cells)
for row in rows:
cells_elts = row.findall(n("c"))
inds = [] # parallel
for c in cells_elts:
letter ="^[A-Z]+", c.attrib['r']).group()
inds.append(letter2col_index(letter) )
cells = make_cells(max_col)
for c,j in zip(cells_elts,inds):
cells[j] = c
#print( *(cell2text( c ).encode("utf-8").replace("\t"," ") for c in cells), sep="\t")
#print myjoin((cell_text_clean(cell2text( c )) for c in cells), sep="\t")
out.write("\t".join(cell_text_clean(cell2text(c, ss_list)) for c in cells)+"\n")
if warning_count > warning_max:
print>>sys.stderr, "%d total warnings, %d hidden" % (warning_count, warning_count-warning_max)
# define lambda
n=lambda x: "{}%s" % x
# parse multiple xlsx files
sys.stderr.write("Processing xlsx file(s)...\n")
for fname in sys.argv[1:]:
sys.stderr.write(" %s\n"%fname)
# prepare output directory
outdir = fname+"_sheets"
if not os.path.isdir(outdir):
# load file
z = zipfile.ZipFile(fname)
# get sheets
sheet_filenames = [f for f in z.namelist() if"^xl/worksheets/sheet.*xml$", f)]
workbook_x = ET.XML("xl/workbook.xml"))
sheet_xs = workbook_x.find(n("sheets")).findall(n("sheet"))
# save sheets
for sheet_num, x in enumerate(sheet_xs, 1):
name = x.get('name')
outfn = os.path.join(outdir, name)+'.tsv'
sys.stderr.write(" %s %s > %s\n"%(sheet_num, name, outfn))
out = open(outfn, "w") #sys.stdout
read_sheet_and_save(z, sheet_num, out)