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Depli is a handsome performance monitoring dashboard dedicated to looking into Java virtual machines through JMX remote connections. It is very user-friendly and does not ask you for tough configurations. Just run the Jar file and add a connection using web UI.

This is the depli's wiki to guide you how to use it.

Depli configurations

Depli offers following configurations through application parameters, which is same as a spring-boot application. Ignore these to use default options.

  • --spring.datasource.url change the data source
  • --spring.datasource.username data source username
  • --spring.datasource.password daasource password
  • --spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto validate/create/create-drop, use create drop to use a temporary data source
  • --spring.datasource.initialize initialize data source on application startup
  • --debug true/false, enable or disable debug log
  • --logging.file set custom logging file

Since spring-boot applications contains an embedded tomcat server by default, to run depli on a different port use --server.port

java -jar depli-*.jar --server.port=9000

If you are using depli which is built by you using the source code, you might need to initialize the data source. To do that run depli jar file as,

java -jar depli-*.jar \
--spring.datasource.url=jdbc:h2:file:./depli \
--spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto=create \

Above will create a data source, an h2 database named as depli, which will be used by default.

Running depli as a background process

In UNIX environments simply use nohup,

nohup java -jar depli-*.jar &

For Windows environments use,

javaw -jar depli-VERSION.jar


Depli has been built using spring-boot, AngularJs, Angular material and Angular-chart.js and frontend works as a single page application. Supports JDK version 7 or later versions. Frontend assets are added as webjars. To build the application from source code, please follow the depli readme.

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