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@@ -2,9 +2,7 @@ Welcome to HDBC, Haskell Database Connectivity.
This package provides a database backend driver for PostgreSQL.
-Please see HDBC itself for documentation on use. If you don't already
-have it, you can browse this documentation at
+Please see HDBC itself for documentation on use.
This package provides one function in module Database.HDBC.PostgreSQL:
None known at this time.
-Before installing this package, you'll need to have HDBC 0.99.0 or
-above installed. You can download HDBC from
-You'll need either GHC 6.4.1 or above, or Hugs 2005xx or above. If
-you're using Hugs, you'll also need cpphs (see
- if you don't already have it).
-The steps to install are:
-1) Examine HDBC-postgresql.cabal and edit the include-dirs
- line to point to your local PostgreSQL installation. If necessary,
- uncomment and edit the extra-lib-dirs line to point to your
- local PostgreSQL installation.
-2) ghc --make -o setup Setup.lhs
-3) ./setup configure
-4) ./setup build
-5) ./setup install (as root)
-If you're on Windows, you can omit the leading "./".
-You may need to add your version of /usr/local/pgsql/include or lib to
-To use with hugs, you'll want to use hugs -98.
-To use with GHC, you'll want to use:
- -package HDBC -package HDBC-postgresql
-Or, with Cabal, use:
- Build-Depends: HDBC>=0.99.0, HDBC-postgresql
--- John Goerzen
- December 2005

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