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Improved performance from strict Comma constructor

Three variants of mappend were benchmarked,  along with both lazy and strict
Comma constructors,  for a total of 6 variations.  Of the three combinations
that lead to a "lazy" mappend,  variant 2 with a lazy comma performed worst,
but I did not discern a performance difference between variant 2 with a
strict comma and variant 3 with a lazy comma.   The strict combinations
performed somewhat better in this benchmark, but I feel that the lazier
semantics is important,  so I went with variant 2 with a strict comma.

--- Variant 1
--- This is always strict

  mappend Empty x = x
  mappend x Empty = x
  mappend (Comma a) (Comma b)
        = Comma (a ++ fromChar ',' ++ b)

--- Variant 2
--- This is always Lazy,  but Comma should be strict for better performance
  mappend Empty     x = x
  mappend (Comma a) x
        = Comma (a ++ case x of
                        Empty   -> mempty
                        Comma b -> fromChar ',' ++ b)

--- Variant 3
--- This is strict if and only if Comma is strict
  mappend Empty x = x
  mappend (Comma a) x
        = Comma (case x of
                   Empty   -> a
                   Comma b -> a ++ fromChar ',' ++ b)

However,  Variant 3 with a lazy comma can be differentiated from Variant 2 by
following expression:

toJsonLazyByteString (         mconcat (map element [1..big_number])
                     `mappend` mconcat (repeat mempty))

where big_number is big enough to fill up a chunk of the lazy bytestring.
Variant 2 will produce chunks before entering the non-productive infinite loop,
whereas Variant 3 will never produce anything.
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commit b33adc7c8a959cec918485900cc3c8360b23854d 1 parent f9873e1
@lpsmith authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  src/Data/Json/Builder/Internal.hs
2  src/Data/Json/Builder/Internal.hs
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ instance Value Array where
data CommaMonoid
= Empty
- | Comma Builder
+ | Comma !Builder
instance Monoid CommaMonoid where
mempty = Empty

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