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#!/usr/bin/env runhaskell
import Distribution.Simple
import Distribution.PackageDescription
import Distribution.Version
import Distribution.Simple.LocalBuildInfo
import Distribution.Simple.Program
import Distribution.Verbosity
import Data.Char (isSpace)
import Data.List (dropWhile,reverse)
import Control.Monad
main = defaultMainWithHooks simpleUserHooks {
hookedPrograms = [pgconfigProgram],
confHook = \pkg flags -> do
lbi <- confHook simpleUserHooks pkg flags
bi <- psqlBuildInfo lbi
return lbi {
localPkgDescr = updatePackageDescription
(Just bi, [("runtests", bi)]) (localPkgDescr lbi)
pgconfigProgram = (simpleProgram "pgconfig") {
programFindLocation = \verbosity -> do
pgconfig <- findProgramLocation verbosity "pgconfig"
pg_config <- findProgramLocation verbosity "pg_config"
return (pgconfig `mplus` pg_config)
psqlBuildInfo :: LocalBuildInfo -> IO BuildInfo
psqlBuildInfo lbi = do
(pgconfigProg, _) <- requireProgram verbosity
pgconfigProgram (withPrograms lbi)
let pgconfig = rawSystemProgramStdout verbosity pgconfigProg
incDir <- pgconfig ["--includedir"]
libDir <- pgconfig ["--libdir"]
return emptyBuildInfo {
extraLibDirs = [strip libDir],
includeDirs = [strip incDir]
verbosity = normal -- honestly, this is a hack
strip x = dropWhile isSpace $ reverse $ dropWhile isSpace $ reverse x
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