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Version (2013-04-26)
* Added support for Range and Composite types to the TypeInfo system.
* Added support for hstore types in the Simple.HStore module.
* Improved documentation of the FromField module.
Version (2013-03-26)
* A large chunk of the documentation inside the FromField module had
silently failed to render in Haddock.
Version (2013-03-25)
* Added support for PostgreSQL's Array Types. Thanks to Jason Dusek
for his work on this feature.
* Added a brand new TypeInfo system that gives FromField instances
convenient and efficient access to the pg_type metatable. This
replaced the older typename cache, and was neccesary to properly
support postgres array types. Thanks to Bas van Dijk for his
work on this feature.
* Changed the type of the `fromField` and `fromRow` methods to allow
a restricted set of IO actions, and stopped pre-calculating the type
name of every column. As a result, the type of the `typename`
operator changed from `Field -> ByteString` to
`Field -> Conversion ByteString`, where Conversion is the new monad
that conversion computations run inside.
* Improved the documentation of the FromField module.
* Added the Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.Errors module, which offers
some predicates and functions for interpreting SqlError values, courtesy
of Leonid Onokhov.
* Added a the name of a column and the associated table's object identifier
to ResultError exceptions, courtesy of Jeff Chu.
* Moved most of the more detailed transaction operators into the
Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.Transaction module.
* Changed withTransactionModeRetry to accept a predicate of which
SqlErrors to retry, due to the fact that serialization errors can
sometimes manifest themselves as constraint violations. Thanks
to Oliver Charles for pointing this out and implementing the change.
* Added simple tests of the fold operator, thanks to Joey Adams.
* Added simple tests of the array conversion code.
* Added recognition of -- comments in the quasiquoter, which are
now stripped out.
Version (2012-08-29)
* Fixed the documentation of `In`. Thanks to rekado and dstcruz for
pointing this out.
Version (2012-08-23)
* Added the `withTransactionSerializable` and `withTransactionModeRetry`
operators, thanks to Joey Adams.
Version (2012-08-09)
* Added the `returning` operator, thanks to Jason Dusek
Version (2012-07-26)
* Added a ToRow instance for the (:.) type, courtesy of Leonid Onokhov
* Added the type oid for PostgreSQL's `uuid` type to BuiltinTypes
Version (2012-07-23)
* Added the FromRow.fieldWith operator, thanks to Leonid Onokhov
* Added a type synonym for FieldParser
Version (2012-06-21)
* Fixed a compatibility problem with PostgreSQL 8.1, which does not allow
clients to set their own value for `standard_conforming_strings`. This
connection variable is still set to `on` for PostgreSQL 8.2 and later.
Version 0.2: (2012-06-19)
* Removed the conversion from `timestamp` to `UTCTime`. Some code will be
broken even though it will still compile.
* Renamed a number of data constructors, mostly in the BuiltinTypes module.
* Exported ToRow/FromRow from Database.PostgreSQL.Simple
Version (2012-06-10)
* Fix language extensions for compatibility with GHC 7.0
Version (2012-06-10)
* Fix a wayward dependency on Text.
Version (2012-06-10)
* Added support for timezones with minutes in their UTC offset.
Version 0.1.4: (2012-06-10)
* Removed pcre-light dependency, courtesy of Joey Adams.
* Reworked support for the Time types.
* The conversion from PostgreSQL's `timestamp` (without time zone) type
to Haskell's `UTCTime` type is deprecated and will be removed in 0.2.
* `Data.Time.LocalTime` now has `FromField`/`ToField` instances. It is
now the preferred way of dealing with `timestamp` (without time zone).
* `Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.Time` is a new module that offers types
that accomodate PostgreSQL's infinities.
* All time-related `FromField`/`ToField` instances are now based on new,
higher-speed parsers and printers instead of those provided by the
time package included in GHC.
* Planned breaking changes for 0.2:
* Removing the conversion from `timestamp` to `UTCTime`.
* Renaming some of the type names in `BuiltinTypes`.
Version 0.1.3: (2012-05-30)
* Made ZonedTime an instance of FromField and ToField
* Added getNotificationNonBlocking
Version 0.1.2: (2012-05-09)
* Switched to libpq-based escaping for bytea types; Binary now works with
PostgreSQL 8 courtesy of Joey Adams.
* postgresql-simple now sets standard_conforming_strings to "on". This
per-connection variable is initialized according to the server
configuration, which defaults to "off" for PostgreSQL < 9, and "on"
for PostgreSQL >= 9. You may need to adjust any string literals in
your SQL queries, or set the variable yourself.
* Exported (:.) from Database.PostgreSQL.Simple
Version 0.1.1: (2012-05-06)
* Added some preliminary documentation for the Ok, Notification, and
LargeObjects modules
* Implemented the `fail` method for the monad instance for `Ok`.
* Fixed a bug relating to handling the transaction level
Version 0.1: (2012-05-04)
* Renamed several modules, typeclasses, and functions:
QueryParams (renderParams) -> ToRow (toRow)
QueryResults (convertResults) -> FromRow (fromRow)
Param (render) -> ToField (toField)
Result (convert) -> FromField (fromField)
* Added the `Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.Ok` module, a variation of
`Either SomeException` that has an instance for `Alternative` and also
uses a list of exceptions to track the ways it has failed.
* Changed the return type of `fromField` and `fromRow` from
`Either SomeException` to `Ok`.
* Thanks to suggestions from Ozgun Ataman, the `FromRow` typeclass has been
massively improved. The result is simpler definitions and better
compositionality. Also, user-defined instances need not be to be
concerned about forcing the converted results to WHNF. Here is an
example comparing the old to the new:
instance (Result a, Result b) => QueryResults (a,b) where
convertResults [fa,fb] [va,vb] = do
!a <- convert fa va
!b <- convert fb vb
return (a,b)
convertResults fs vs = convertError fs vs 2
instance (FromField a, FromField b) => FromRow (a,b) where
fromRow = (,) <$> field <*> field
* Added `(:.)`, a pair that allows one to compose `FromRow` instances:
instance (FromRow a, FromRow b) => FromRow (a :. b) where
fromRow = (:.) <$> fromRow <*> fromRow
* Moved the contents `Field` module into the `FromField` module.
* Removed the `RawResult` type.
* Added `DefaultIsolationLevel` as a distinct `IsolationLevel` option
and `DefaultReadWriteMode` as a distinct `ReadWriteMode`.
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