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Version (2012-06-10)
* Fix language extensions for compatibility with GHC 7.0
Version (2012-06-10)
* Fix a wayward dependency on Text.
Version (2012-06-10)
* Added support for timezones with minutes in their UTC offset.
Version 0.1.4: (2012-06-10)
* Removed pcre-light dependency, courtesy of Joey Adams.
* Reworked support for the Time types.
* The conversion from PostgreSQL's `timestamp` (without time zone) type
to Haskell's `UTCTime` type is deprecated and will be removed in 0.2.
* `Data.Time.LocalTime` now has `FromField`/`ToField` instances. It is
now the preferred way of dealing with `timestamp` (without time zone).
* `Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.Time` is a new module that offers types
that accomodate PostgreSQL's infinities.
* All time-related `FromField`/`ToField` instances are now based on new,
higher-speed parsers and printers instead of those provided by the
time package included in GHC.
* Planned breaking changes for 0.2:
* Removing the conversion from `timestamp` to `UTCTime`.
* Renaming some of the type names in `BuiltinTypes`.
Version 0.1.3: (2012-05-30)
* Made ZonedTime an instance of FromField and ToField
* Added getNotificationNonBlocking
Version 0.1.2: (2012-05-09)
* Switched to libpq-based escaping for bytea types; Binary now works with
PostgreSQL 8 courtesy of Joey Adams.
* postgresql-simple now sets standard_conforming_strings to "on". This
per-connection variable is initialized according to the server
configuration, which defaults to "off" for PostgreSQL < 9, and "on"
for PostgreSQL >= 9. You may need to adjust any string literals in
your SQL queries, or set the variable yourself.
* Exported (:.) from Database.PostgreSQL.Simple
Version 0.1.1: (2012-05-06)
* Added some preliminary documentation for the Ok, Notification, and
LargeObjects modules
* Implemented the `fail` method for the monad instance for `Ok`.
* Fixed a bug relating to handling the transaction level
Version 0.1: (2012-05-04)
* Renamed several modules, typeclasses, and functions:
QueryParams (renderParams) -> ToRow (toRow)
QueryResults (convertResults) -> FromRow (fromRow)
Param (render) -> ToField (toField)
Result (convert) -> FromField (fromField)
* Added the `Database.PostgreSQL.Simple.Ok` module, a variation of
`Either SomeException` that has an instance for `Alternative` and also
uses a list of exceptions to track the ways it has failed.
* Changed the return type of `fromField` and `fromRow` from
`Either SomeException` to `Ok`.
* Thanks to suggestions from Ozgun Ataman, the `FromRow` typeclass has been
massively improved. The result is simpler definitions and better
compositionality. Also, user-defined instances need not be to be
concerned about forcing the converted results to WHNF. Here is an
example comparing the old to the new:
instance (Result a, Result b) => QueryResults (a,b) where
convertResults [fa,fb] [va,vb] = do
!a <- convert fa va
!b <- convert fb vb
return (a,b)
convertResults fs vs = convertError fs vs 2
instance (FromField a, FromField b) => FromRow (a,b) where
fromRow = (,) <$> field <*> field
* Added `(:.)`, a pair that allows one to compose `FromRow` instances:
instance (FromRow a, FromRow b) => FromRow (a :. b) where
fromRow = (:.) <$> fromRow <*> fromRow
* Moved the contents `Field` module into the `FromField` module.
* Removed the `RawResult` type.
* Added `DefaultIsolationLevel` as a distinct `IsolationLevel` option
and `DefaultReadWriteMode` as a distinct `ReadWriteMode`.
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