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Exports Font Awesome icons as PNG images
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Font Awesome to PNG

This program allows you to extract the awesome Font Awesome icons as PNG images of specified size.

Usage [-h] [--color COLOR] [--filename FILENAME]
                       [--font FONT] [--list] [--size SIZE]
                       icon [icon ...]

positional arguments:
  icon                 The name(s) of the icon(s) to export (or "ALL" for
                       all icons)

optional arguments:
  --color COLOR        Color (HTML color code or name, default: black)
  --filename FILENAME  The name of the output file. If all files are
                       exported, it is used as a prefix.
  --font FONT          Font file to use (default: fontawesome-webfont.ttf)
  --list               List available icon names and exit
  --size SIZE          Icon size in pixels (default: 16)

To use the program, you need the Font Awesome TTF file, which is available in Font Awesome Github repository.


Export the "play" and "stop" icons as 24x24 pixels images: --size 24 play stop

Export the asterisk icon as 32x32 pixels image, in blue: --size 32 --color blue asterisk

Export all icons as 16x16 pixels images: ALL
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