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This is a development fork of the original gevent-socketio. It's aim is to provide 100% test coverage over current code and provide compatibility with latest Socket.IO code. Then the code will be pulled back to bitbucket.
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The compatible server library for Python.


We try to follow the versions. This means that pysocketio version developed to be compatible with 0.9.0 will be versioned 0.9.0.N. It does not mean that version will be incompatible with a 0.9.0 client - that depends entirely on the


Right now the code is only avaible on github, so you can either clone this repository and install using

git clone git://
cd pysocketio
python install

or using pip:

pip install git+

PS. We also have a setup.cfg, so you can use distutils2/packaging if you want.


This software is licensed under Simplified BSD License. For complete text see the LICENSE file.


Coming soon! For now, checkout the examples directory (which may be a little out of date, sorry!).


Originaly created by Jeffrey Gelenes as gevent-socketio. Currently maintaned under new name by Łukasz Rekucki and Artur Wdowiarski from Smartupz LLC.

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