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F# HTTP Trigger Azure Functions Sample
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Azure Functions HTTP Trigger FSharp Sample

This sample shows how to build an Azure Function that processes HTTP requests using F#. See the blog post Create an HTTP Trigger Azure Function using FSharp for a detailed walk-through on how to build this sample.


This solution was built using a Windows PC but should work on Mac and Linux.

Run the Function Locally

Build the project by using the build command inside the FsHttpTriggerSample project directory.

dotnet build

Then, navigate to the output directory

cd bin\Debug\netstandard2.0

Use the Azure Functions Core Tools to start the Azure Functions host locally.

func host start

Once the host is initialized, the function is available at the following endpoint http://localhost:7071/api/Greet.

Test the function

Using a REST client like Postman or Insomnia, make a POST request to http://localhost:7071/api/Greet with the following body. Feel free to replace the name with your own.

    "Name": "Luis"

If successful, the response should look similar to the following output.

Hello Luis
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