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Personal Website

How to navigate this repo

  • Program.fs (main application entrypoint that calls on builder components)
  • Builder.fs (app logic to stitch together and build the website)
  • Domain.fs (base types used throughout website)
  • Views (contains layouts and partial views for the website)
  • Services (contains components for RSS, OPML, Markdown, and Webmentions)
  • Scripts (throwaway code used for tinkering)
  • Data (data displayed inside website)
  • _src (website content)
    • albums (photo collections - like Flickr)
    • feed (microblog note posts)
    • images (static images used throughout website posts and albums)
    • library (personal library collection containing books I'm reading or have read as well as notes)
    • posts (long-form blog posts)
    • presentation (revealjs based presentations and relevant resources)
    • responses (microblog replies,likes,reshares, and bookmarks posts)
    • snippets (code snippets - like GitHub Gists)
    • wiki (random notes on topics)
  • _public (build output directory. This is what's uploaded to the server and displayed to visitors)
  • _sratch (scratchpad to note down ideas and drafts)