The code for domain-robust language identification with adversarial loss
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Domain Robust Text Representation

The Implementation for

Li, Yitong, Timothy Baldwin and Trevor Cohn (2018) What's in a Domain? Learning Domain-Robust Text Representations Using Adversarial Training , In Proceedings of the 2018 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics – Human Language Technologies (NAACL HLT 2018), New Orleans, USA.


  1. Multi-Domain Sentiment Dataset (Blitzer et al., 2007);
  2. Language identification data (Lui and Baldwin (2011)).


  • python 2.7
  • Tensorflow 1.1+
  • numpy
  • scipy


  1. Baseline:
  2. Cond:
  3. Gen:

as described in the paper.

running the code

Multi-domain sentiment task

python ood_BDEK_adv_*.py [parameters]

main parameters:

  --num_train_epochs: normal training epochs w\o adversarial supervision;
  --num_tune_epochs: adversarial learning epochs;
  --adv_lambda: hyper-parameter lambda for adversarial loss.


Baseline w\o adversarial:

python --num_train_epochs 50

Baseline w adversarial loss:

python --num_tune_epochs 50 --adv_lambda 1e-3

Gen model with pre-train:

python --num_train_epochs 50 --num_tune_epochs 50