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A koa.js app that responds to a Slack slash command by playing a sound
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Slack Incoming WebHook Configuration

  1. Go to
  2. Find Incoming WebHooks and click it
  3. Click the green "Add" button
  4. Choose the channel you want to announce to when someone plays a sound, then click Add Incoming WebHooks Integration
  5. Copy the Webhook URL down somewhere, you'll need it later.

Slack Slash Command Configuration

  1. Go back to "All Integrations" page
  2. Find Slash Commands and click it
  3. Click the green "Add" button (it's at the bottom this time)
  4. From the "Outgoing Data" section, copy the value of the token

Running on a Raspberry Pi

  1. Clone the repo on your Pi
  2. Create a .env file in the project root
  3. Add the following environment variables
  • SLACK_HOOK_URL - the webhook URL
  • SLACK_HOOK_TOKEN - the slash command token
  1. npm install
  2. sudo apt-get install mpg123
  3. forever start app.js

Accessing the Raspberry Pi

I recommend using a service like ngrok on the Raspberry Pi to get a dedicated subdomain for the application. Once you have this set up, you can finish configuring your slash command with the URL where the app is accessible. Note that the endpoint will be /play

Adding New Sounds

  1. Put the mp3 file in the sounds directory
  2. Open sounds.json in your editor
  3. Add a new object to the array of sounds, the trigger is the text passed after your slash command and the filename is the name of the mp3 file (relative to the sounds directory).
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