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gRun version 0.9.2 - (C) Southern Gold Development

WARNING - This is a development tree. For a stable version, using

Welcome to gRun, an advanced application launcher written in C and using
GTK for the interface. gRun includes features such as a history, command
completion from the history and from PATH, recognition of console mode
applications and launching a terminal for them, file extension associations
and a dual fork()/execvp() application launcher.

gRun runs on Unix platforms, tested with GTK 2.12.

The history mechanism is intelligent and only add commands that are new and
which exist to the history. When gRun starts, the newest command in the
history is loaded into the entry field and selected. As a command is typed
into the entry field, gRun tries to find a match for the command in the
history. If a match is found, the command is completed and the segment that
is added is selected.

By using --preload, the user can specify the command in the entry box on startup.
This can be used for a menu situation.

If the Tab key is pressed, gRun retrieves the PATH enviroment
variable and searches the directories specified for a match. If one is found,
the command is completed as for the autocomplete above.

gRun has a mechanism for determining whether a command is a console mode
application and launches a X-Term with the command as the -e parameter. This
check is performed by searching for a match for the command in a list of console
mode applications. This list is stored in the file .consfile in the home
directory of the user and in /usr/local/share/grun/consfile for the global file.
The global file is only used if no match is found in .consfile. To use this
feature, which is not compiled by default, add the flags --enable-testfile and
--with-default-xterm=xterm to the configure script. Use --with-default-xterm only
if you want to change the X-Term from xterm to something else, like rxvt.

gRun also implements a file extension association mechanism. If a command file is
not executable, gRun searches through a association database, stored in .gassoc
and /usr/local/share/grun/gassoc, for a match. If a match is found, gRun launches
the application with the command as a parameter. This feature is not enabled by
default and is switched on at compile time by adding the flag --enable-associations
to the configure script. The comparison is case-insensitive, so JPG and jpg are
matched to the same gassoc entry.

The data files consfile and gassoc are small and may need to be extended on your
system. If you find any general entries that you feel should be added to the release,
please email me with the information.

Internationalization is now carried out by using gettext and .po files. See LANGUAGES
for more details.

For full installation instructions, please read the file INSTALL.

Bruce Smith <>


An application launcher written in C and using GTK for the interface







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