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Ember.js for Rails 3.1.

Getting started

Add the gem to your application Gemfile:

gem "emberjs-rails"

Run bundle install

Change the layout for your views to 'ember' and you will get the boilerplate html5 layout from the Ember.js starter kit. In your view you can do:

<% content_for :title { 'Demo Ember.js Application' }
   content_for :description { 'Demo Ember.js Application from outer space.' }
   content_for :author { 'Demo User <>' } %>

Run bundle install and add the following line to

Rails will serve HandlebarsJS templates to Ember.js by putting each template in a dedicated ".js.hjs" file (e.g. app/assets/javascripts/templates/admin_panel.js.hjs) and including the assets in your view:

<%= javascript_include_tag "templates/admin_panel" %>

By default your view content will be yielded into the document body, if you want to put your javascript_include_tag statements in the document head then you can wrap it in content_for :head { ... }.

You can bundle all templates together thanks to Sprockets, e.g create app/assets/javascripts/templates/all.js with:

//= require_tree .

Now a single line in the view loads everything:

<%= javascript_include_tag "templates/all" %>


If you have any problems or suggestions please feel free to raise a Github issue on the project page.

License and Copyright

The original sproutcore-rails gem is Copyright (C) 2012 Kisko Labs Oy and licensed under the MIT license.

My modifications (from commit 21cd52a12f6e91474c4037ac64ec52fc721650b0 forward) are Copyright (C) 2012 Sociable Limited and licensed under the MIT license.

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