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This is a third part module for nginx. It make nginx can limit concurrent-level for per upstream server.
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This is a third part module for nginx. It make nginx upstream can limit concurrent-level for per backend server.
It's only support round robin mode for now.
This is a patch for nginx-1.9.9.

#config: Set concurrent in configure file.
concurrent=2  means the backend server can receive 2 request in same time.
concurrent  means the count of request in the same time, not qps.
If all backend reach concurrent-limited, nginx will give a 502 error to users.

upstream backend
    server concurrent=2;
    server concurrent=2;

#Usage and Complie:

patch -p1 < nginx-1.9.9.patch
make install

#Chinese Describtion:     在实际生产过程中,可能每台backend server的配置不同,导致存在不同的系能瓶颈,一旦请求并发数超过阈值,会造成雪崩效应,使服务器连阈值内的请求量都处理不了。
    为了解决以上的情形,开发了此补丁,当系统瓶颈主要在backend server时,该补丁能很好的抑制backend server陷入雪崩效应的发生。
    可以根据压测结果,配置每一台backend server的并发数concurrent。当backend server正在处理的请求超过concurrent值后,upstream就不再会选给该backend server转发新的请求。

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