Recurrent Back Propagation
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This is the PyTorch implementation of Recurrent Back Propagation as described in the following paper:

  title={Reviving and Improving Recurrent Back-Propagation},
  author={Liao, Renjie and Xiong, Yuwen and Fetaya, Ethan and Zhang, Lisa and Yoon, KiJung and Pitkow, Xaq and Urtasun, Raquel and Zemel, Richard},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.06396},


To set up experiments, we need to build our customized operators by running the following scripts:



Python 3, PyTorch(0.4.0)

Run Demos

  • To run experiments X where X is one of {hopfield, cora, pubmed, hypergrad}:

    python -c config/X.yaml


  • Most hyperparameters in the configuration yaml file are self-explanatory.
  • To switch between BPTT, TBPTT and RBP variants, you need to specify grad_method in the config file.
  • Conjugate gradient based RBP requires support of forward mode auto-differentiation which we only provided for the experiments of Hopfield networks and graph neural networks (GNNs). You can check the comments in model/ for more details.


Please cite our paper if you use this code in your research work.


Please submit a Github issue or contact if you have any questions or find any bugs.