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This is an important update release for CPCtelera, more than one year after the latest release. The main purpose of this release is to update the SDCC compiler from version 3.5.5 to present 3.6.8 and advance some important features of 1.5, such as automatic music conversion. Also, some compilation and Mac OSX compatibility problems have been solved, which will simplify things for many users. We sincerely hope you enjoy this release much while we continue preparing 1.5.

Features included in this release:

  • Updated SDCC compiler from version 3.5.5 to newest version 3.6.8 (revision 9946). New version is much more efficient, generates better code and solves some bugs from previous one.
  • Added automatic Arkos Traker 1 AKS music conversion. It is done through the makefile macro AKS2C, which is easily added in config file cfg/music_conversion.mk
  • Added project support for Visual Studio Code IDE. All CPCtelera projects can now be opened and compiled in VS Code. Moreover, intellisense and keyboard shortcuts for automaticly running games are easily added.
  • Documented VS Code integration, with plenty of information for users on how to set up projects.
  • Documented Automatic Conversion Tools for Music, Graphics and Tilemaps. This will greatly help users on fastly and comfortably integrating asset production in their projects without having to bother to convert them when they change.
  • Added support for drawing tiles using gray code order and making use of the stack. Really fast method for advanced users.
  • Added troubleshooting section to the documentation in order to help users with common issues.
  • Fixed issue in iDSK: it was overwritting files with same name but different extension.
  • Added Support for Paged Memory and use of memory beyond 64K.
  • Added z88dk speculative optimization peepholes for advanced users wanting to experiment with advanced optimization.
  • Added new asm examples with animations, music and data structures: greetcardmusic/ and structs/.
  • Updated RGAS to latest 1.2.2 version.
  • Added bitarray support for tiled Tilemap TMX-CSV conversion to C.
  • Fixed getRandom to output predictable random sequences.

One more time, big thanks to all users and collaborators. We have received much support, many feature requests and even many code contributions. Most of them will have to wait to be included until next release. We are extremelly honored to receive so much collaboration and very happy for the improvements that this will represent for all programmers willing to create new games and applications for Amstrad CPC.

Enjoy this intermediate release while we prepare all new features for the next big release. For all big fans and members of Amstrad CPC community, Cheers! 😄