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A full-featured immersion language learning suite for mobile.

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Latest Release: 2.4

Release Notes:
(Legacy) 0.3 · 0.4 · 0.5 · 0.6 · 0.7 · 0.8 · 0.9 · 0.10 · 0.11 · 0.12 · 0.13 · 0.14 · 0.15 · 0.16 · 0.17 · 0.18 · 0.19 · 0.20 · 0.21 · 0.22 · 0.23 · 0.24 · 0.25 · 0.26
(Chisa) 1.0 · 1.1
(Yuuna) 2.0 · 2.1 · 2.2 · 2.3 · 2.4

📱 Language learning in the palm of your hand

jidoujisho is a video player, reading aid, dictionary and card creation toolkit with features specifically helpful for language learners.

  • 📖 Tap and drag selection of subtitles and paragraphs allows for instant dictionary lookups
  • 🃏 Export flashcards to AnkiDroid, complete with image and audio of the current context
  • 📺 Watch videos from a variety of sources: local device storage, YouTube or stream from your Plex/Kodi library or a direct URL
  • 📚 Read books anywhere and offline, via an embedded, self-hosted ッツ Ebook Reader
  • 🎶 Get lyrics and easily make dictionary lookups for the current playing song in your music app
  • 📘 Use Yomichan dictionaries with pitch and frequency information, and selectively collapse and expand dictionaries by default
  • Frictionless sentence mining and flashcard creation workflow with support for modular enhancements and automations

🎞️ A glimpse of jidoujisho in action

⚕️ Current state of the project

jidoujisho is eagerly looking for contributors. If you are interested in maintaining a dictionary format, media source, an enhancement or quick action or even a new language for the application, user and developer documentation is coming soon.

Originally built for the Japanese language learning community, jidoujisho is free and open source software, and is available to download here on GitHub.

Please note that the development of the app switches between changes being implemented and being left alone for daily use. Update frequency may depend on the gravity of any issues that arise. Hiatuses provide practical insight on usage and where development should go next.

📖 Using the application

🚨 Supported Formats

jidoujisho will take video and audio formats as supported by VLC. Subtitles may be embedded within the video being played and selected during playback.

If you wish to use external subtitles, they may be in SRT, ASS or SSA format and you may import them during playback through the menu. You may switch between different audio and subtitle tracks. Image-based subtitles such as PGS are not currently supported.

YouTube subtitles are taken from TimedText XML, which is only publicly exposed to videos that have closed captions. Here is a fair sample of YouTube videos with such subtitles showcasing some very practical application use cases.

ッツ Ebook Reader allows reading of books in EPUB or HTMLZ format.

☝️ Important Links

The following links below may contain outdated information and pursuits, but remain for documentation purposes.

🚀 Getting Started

A primer on the basics of the application is as follows.

  • 📲 Download and install the latest release onto your Android device
  • ⏯️ Watch a video with the Player selecting from your local media library or picking a YouTube video
  • 📚 Start a novel with the Reader to launch ッツ Ebook Reader to read an EPUB or HTMLZ file
  • 📋 Select text with tap to select or drag to select
  • 📔 Pick a word for instant dictionary lookups, and open the Card Creator or use Instant Export
  • ↕️ You may swipe vertically in the player to open the transcript in the player, and pick a time or read subtitles
  • ↔️ Swipe horizontally in the player to repeat the current subtitle audio

📲 Exporting to AnkiDroid

  • 📤 You may also export the current context to an AnkiDroid card, including the current image and audio
  • ⚠️ If AnkiDroid is not running in the background, you will be prompted to install or launch it
  • 🗃 The AnkiDroid deck you last export to will be remembered for your next export
  • 📝 You may edit the card fields before exporting to AnkiDroid
  • ⚛️ Customisation of the Anki export is possible by creating your own export profile

🙌 User Tips

  • 🇯🇵 Can't find Japanese subtitles for your media? Try finding what you need at kitsunekko
  • 📚 Users may import their own Yomichan custom dictionaries for offline use and instant lookups, some can be found here
  • 🔮 Customise your workflow by trying out different enhancements and quick actions
  • 🈲 Monolingually transitioning? Collapse your bilingual dictionaries by default, and split your export fields between expanded and collapsed meanings.
  • 📑 External subtitles with the same name as the selected video file will be loaded by default
  • ⏲️ If your subtitles are off, you can set the delay or pad the exported audio time with an allowance
  • Export a range of multiple subtitles by holding onto a subtitle aside from the current one in the transcript
  • 📹 The quality closest to the last selected quality will be selected by default for YouTube videos
  • 💬 If your video has burned-in subtitles, you may use the blur widget under player options to hide them

👥 Contribution and attribution

jidoujisho is written in Dart and powered by Flutter, and is made available under the GNU General Public License 3.0.

Database enabled by Isar and Hive. Reader via a self-hosted ッツ Ebook Reader. Video streaming via YouTube. Image search via Bing. Audio search via Forvo and JapanesePod101. Example sentences from Massif, Tatoeba and ImmersionKit. Natural language processing tools include Ve and MeCab for Japanese.

If you like what I've done so far, you can help me out by testing the application on various devices so that I can gauge the compatibility of the application with different versions of Android, making a donation or collaborating with me on further improvements.

The logo of the application is both by suzy and Aaron Marbella, support their awesome work if you can!