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3dd4ef2 @lrq3000 Initial dev version v0.1
1 ,---------------------------------------.
2 | _ _ ____ |
3 | (_)___ __ _ _ _ __ _| |_____|__ / |
4 | | / _ \/ _` | || / _` | / / -_)|_ \ |
5 | |_\___/\__, |\_,_\__,_|_\_\___|___/ |
6 | |_| |
7 | |
8 `---------- --------'
10 The intent of this project is to provide a baseline Quake 3 which may be used
11 for further development and baseq3 fun.
12 Some of the major features currently implemented are:
14 * SDL backend
15 * OpenAL sound API support (multiple speaker support and better sound
16 quality)
17 * Full x86_64 support on Linux
18 * VoIP support, both in-game and external support through Mumble.
19 * MinGW compilation support on Windows and cross compilation support on Linux
20 * AVI video capture of demos
21 * Much improved console autocompletion
22 * Persistent console history
23 * Colorized terminal output
24 * Optional Ogg Vorbis support
25 * Much improved QVM tools
26 * Support for various esoteric operating systems
27 * cl_guid support
28 * HTTP/FTP download redirection (using cURL)
29 * Multiuser support on Windows systems (user specific game data
30 is stored in "%APPDATA%\Quake3")
31 * PNG support
32 * Many, many bug fixes
34 The map editor and associated compiling tools are not included. We suggest you
35 use a modern copy from
37 The original id software readme that accompanied the Q3 source release has been
38 renamed to id-readme.txt so as to prevent confusion. Please refer to the
39 web-site for updated status.
42 --------------------------------------------- Compilation and installation -----
44 For *nix
45 1. Change to the directory containing this readme.
46 2. Run 'make'.
48 For Windows,
49 1. Please refer to the excellent instructions here:
52 For Mac OS X, building a Universal Binary
53 1. Install MacOSX SDK packages from XCode. For maximum compatibility,
54 install MacOSX10.4u.sdk and MacOSX10.3.9.sdk, and MacOSX10.2.8.sdk.
55 2. Change to the directory containing this README file.
56 3. Run './'
57 4. Copy the resulting in /build/release-darwin-ub to your
58 /Applications/ioquake3 folder.
60 Installation, for *nix
61 1. Set the COPYDIR variable in the shell to be where you installed Quake 3
62 to. By default it will be /usr/local/games/quake3 if you haven't set it.
63 This is the path as used by the original Linux Q3 installer and subsequent
64 point releases.
65 2. Run 'make copyfiles'.
67 It is also possible to cross compile for Windows under *nix using MinGW. A
68 script is available to build a cross compilation environment from
69 The gcc/binutils
70 version numbers that the script downloads may need to be altered.
71 Alternatively, your distribution may have mingw32 packages available. On
72 debian/Ubuntu, these are mingw32, mingw32-runtime and mingw32-binutils. Cross
73 compiling is simply a case of using './' in place of 'make',
74 though you may find you need to change the value of the variables in this
75 script to match your environment.
77 The following variables may be set, either on the command line or in
78 Makefile.local:
80 CFLAGS - use this for custom CFLAGS
81 V - set to show cc command line when building
82 DEFAULT_BASEDIR - extra path to search for baseq3 and such
83 BUILD_SERVER - build the 'ioq3ded' server binary
84 BUILD_CLIENT - build the 'ioquake3' client binary
85 BUILD_CLIENT_SMP - build the 'ioquake3-smp' client binary
86 BUILD_GAME_SO - build the game shared libraries
87 BUILD_GAME_QVM - build the game qvms
88 BUILD_STANDALONE - build binaries suited for stand-alone games
89 USE_OPENAL - use OpenAL where available
90 USE_OPENAL_DLOPEN - link with OpenAL at runtime
91 USE_CURL - use libcurl for http/ftp download support
92 USE_CURL_DLOPEN - link with libcurl at runtime
93 USE_CODEC_VORBIS - enable Ogg Vorbis support
94 USE_LOCAL_HEADERS - use headers local to ioq3 instead of system ones
95 COPYDIR - the target installation directory
96 TEMPDIR - specify user defined directory for temp files
98 The defaults for these variables differ depending on the target platform.
101 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Console -----
103 New cvars
104 cl_autoRecordDemo - record a new demo on each map change
105 cl_aviFrameRate - the framerate to use when capturing video
106 cl_aviMotionJpeg - use the mjpeg codec when capturing video
107 cl_guidServerUniq - makes cl_guid unique for each server
108 cl_cURLLib - filename of cURL library to load
109 cl_consoleKeys - space delimited list of key names or
110 characters that toggle the console
111 cl_mouseAccelStyle - Set to 1 for QuakeLive mouse acceleration
112 behaviour, 0 for standard q3
113 cl_mouseAccelOffset - Tuning the acceleration curve, see below
114 cl_gamename - Gamename sent to master server in
115 getserversExt query
117 s_useOpenAL - use the OpenAL sound backend if available
118 s_alPrecache - cache OpenAL sounds before use
119 s_alGain - the value of AL_GAIN for each source
120 s_alSources - the total number of sources (memory) to
121 allocate
122 s_alDopplerFactor - the value passed to alDopplerFactor
123 s_alDopplerSpeed - the value passed to alDopplerVelocity
124 s_alMinDistance - the value of AL_REFERENCE_DISTANCE for
125 each source
126 s_alMaxDistance - the maximum distance before sounds start
127 to become inaudible.
128 s_alRolloff - the value of AL_ROLLOFF_FACTOR for each
129 source
130 s_alGraceDistance - after having passed MaxDistance, length
131 until sounds are completely inaudible
132 s_alDriver - which OpenAL library to use
133 s_alDevice - which OpenAL device to use
134 s_alAvailableDevices - list of available OpenAL devices
135 s_sdlBits - SDL bit resolution
136 s_sdlSpeed - SDL sample rate
137 s_sdlChannels - SDL number of channels
138 s_sdlDevSamps - SDL DMA buffer size override
139 s_sdlMixSamps - SDL mix buffer size override
140 s_backend - read only, indicates the current sound
141 backend
142 s_muteWhenMinimized - mute sound when minimized
143 s_muteWhenUnfocused - mute sound when window is unfocused
145 com_ansiColor - enable use of ANSI escape codes in the tty
146 com_altivec - enable use of altivec on PowerPC systems
147 com_standalone (read only) - If set to 1, quake3 is running in
148 standalone mode
149 com_basegame - Use a different base than baseq3. If no
150 original Quake3 or TeamArena pak files
151 are found, this will enable running in
152 standalone mode
153 com_homepath - Specify name that is to be appended to the
154 home path
155 com_maxfpsUnfocused - Maximum frames per second when unfocused
156 com_maxfpsMinimized - Maximum frames per second when minimized
157 com_busyWait - Will use a busy loop to wait for rendering
158 next frame when set to non-zero value
160 in_joystickNo - select which joystick to use
161 in_keyboardDebug - print keyboard debug info
163 sv_dlURL - the base of the HTTP or FTP site that
164 holds custom pk3 files for your server
165 sv_banFile - Name of the file that is used for storing
166 the server bans
167 sv_heartbeat - Heartbeat string sent to master server
168 sv_flatline - Heartbeat string sent to master server
169 when server is killed
171 net_ip6 - IPv6 address to bind to
172 net_port6 - port to bind to using the ipv6 address
173 net_enabled - enable networking, bitmask. Add up
174 number for option to enable it:
175 enable ipv4 networking: 1
176 enable ipv6 networking: 2
177 prioritise ipv6 over ipv4: 4
178 disable multicast support: 8
179 net_mcast6addr - multicast address to use for scanning for
180 ipv6 servers on the local network
181 net_mcastiface - outgoing interface to use for scan
183 protocol - Allow changing protocol version
184 (startup only)
186 r_allowResize - make window resizable (SDL only)
187 r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic - anisotropic texture filtering
188 r_zProj - distance of observer camera to projection
189 plane in quake3 standard units
190 r_greyscale - desaturate textures, useful for anaglyph,
191 supports values in the range of 0 to 1
192 r_stereoEnabled - enable stereo rendering for techniques
193 like shutter glasses (untested)
194 r_anaglyphMode - Enable rendering of anaglyph images
195 red-cyan glasses: 1
196 red-blue: 2
197 red-green: 3
198 To swap the colors for left and right eye
199 just add 3 to the value for the wanted
200 color combination. For red-blue and
201 red-green you probably want to enable
202 r_greyscale
203 r_stereoSeparation - Control eye separation. Resulting
204 separation is r_zProj divided by this
205 value in quake3 standard units.
206 See also
208 for more information
209 r_marksOnTriangleMeshes - Support impact marks on md3 models, MOD
210 developers should increase the mark
211 triangle limits in cg_marks.c if they
212 intend to use this.
213 r_sdlDriver - read only, indicates the SDL driver
214 backend being used
215 r_noborder - Remove window decoration from window
216 managers, like borders and titlebar.
217 r_screenshotJpegQuality - Controls quality of jpeg screenshots
218 captured using screenshotJPEG
219 r_aviMotionJpegQuality - Controls quality of video capture when
220 cl_aviMotionJpeg is enabled
222 New commands
223 video [filename] - start video capture (use with demo command)
224 stopvideo - stop video capture
225 stopmusic - stop background music
226 minimize - Minimize the game and show desktop
228 print - print out the contents of a cvar
229 unset - unset a user created cvar
231 banaddr <range> - ban an ip address range from joining a game on this
232 server, valid <range> is either playernum or CIDR
233 notation address range.
234 exceptaddr <range> - exempt an ip address range from a ban.
235 bandel <range> - delete ban (either range or ban number)
236 exceptdel <range> - delete exception (either range or exception number)
237 listbans - list all currently active bans and exceptions
238 rehashbans - reload the banlist from serverbans.dat
239 flushbans - delete all bans
241 net_restart - restart network subsystem to change latched settings
242 game_restart <fs_game> - Switch to another mod
244 which <filename/path> - print out the path on disk to a loaded item
246 ------------------------------------------------------------ Miscellaneous -----
248 Using shared libraries instead of qvm
249 To force Q3 to use shared libraries instead of qvms run it with the following
250 parameters: +set sv_pure 0 +set vm_cgame 0 +set vm_game 0 +set vm_ui 0
252 Using Demo Data Files
253 Copy demoq3/pak0.pk3 from the demo installer to your baseq3 directory. The
254 qvm files in this pak0.pk3 will not work, so you have to use the native
255 shared libraries or qvms from this project. To use the new qvms, they must be
256 put into a pk3 file. A pk3 file is just a zip file, so any compression tool
257 that can create such files will work. The shared libraries should already be
258 in the correct place. Use the instructions above to use them.
260 Please bear in mind that you will not be able to play online using the demo
261 data, nor is it something that we like to spend much time maintaining or
262 supporting.
264 Help! Ioquake3 won't give me an fps of X anymore when setting com_maxfps!
265 Ioquake3 now uses the select() system call to wait for the rendering of the
266 next frame when com_maxfps was hit. This will improve your CPU load
267 considerably in these cases. However, not all systems may support a
268 granularity for its timing functions that is required to perform this waiting
269 correctly. For instance, ioquake3 tells select() to wait 2 milliseconds, but
270 really it can only wait for a multiple of 5ms, i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20... ms.
271 In this case you can always revert back to the old behaviour by setting the
272 cvar com_busyWait to 1.
274 QuakeLive mouse acceleration (patch and this text written by TTimo from id)
275 I've been using an experimental mouse acceleration code for a while, and
276 decided to make it available to everyone. Don't be too worried if you don't
277 understand the explanations below, this is mostly intended for advanced
278 players:
279 To enable it, set cl_mouseAccelStyle 1 (0 is the default/legacy behavior)
281 New style is controlled with 3 cvars:
283 sensitivity
284 cl_mouseAccel
285 cl_mouseAccelOffset
287 The old code (cl_mouseAccelStyle 0) can be difficult to calibrate because if
288 you have a base sensitivity setup, as soon as you set a non zero acceleration
289 your base sensitivity at low speeds will change as well. The other problem
290 with style 0 is that you are stuck on a square (power of two) acceleration
291 curve.
293 The new code tries to solve both problems:
295 Once you setup your sensitivity to feel comfortable and accurate enough for
296 low mouse deltas with no acceleration (cl_mouseAccel 0), you can start
297 increasing cl_mouseAccel and tweaking cl_mouseAccelOffset to get the
298 amplification you want for high deltas with little effect on low mouse deltas.
300 cl_mouseAccel is a power value. Should be >= 1, 2 will be the same power curve
301 as style 0. The higher the value, the faster the amplification grows with the
302 mouse delta.
304 cl_mouseAccelOffset sets how much base mouse delta will be doubled by
305 acceleration. The closer to zero you bring it, the more acceleration will
306 happen at low speeds. This is also very useful if you are changing to a new
307 mouse with higher dpi, if you go from 500 to 1000 dpi, you can divide your
308 cl_mouseAccelOffset by two to keep the same overall 'feel' (you will likely
309 gain in precision when you do that, but that is not related to mouse
310 acceleration).
312 Mouse acceleration is tricky to configure, and when you do you'll have to
313 re-learn your aiming. But you will find that it's very much forth it in the
314 long run.
316 If you try the new acceleration code and start using it, I'd be very
317 interested by your feedback.
319 64bit mods
320 If you wish to compile external mods as shared libraries on a 64bit platform,
321 and the mod source is derived from the id Q3 SDK, you will need to modify the
322 interface code a little. Open the files ending in _syscalls.c and change
323 every instance of int to intptr_t in the declaration of the syscall function
324 pointer and the dllEntry function. Also find the vmMain function for each
325 module (usually in cg_main.c g_main.c etc.) and similarly replace the return
326 value in the prototype with intptr_t (arg0, arg1, ...stay int).
328 Add the following code snippet to q_shared.h:
330 #ifdef Q3_VM
331 typedef int intptr_t;
332 #else
333 #include <stdint.h>
334 #endif
336 Note if you simply wish to run mods on a 64bit platform you do not need to
337 recompile anything since by default Q3 uses a virtual machine system.
339 Creating mods compatible with Q3 1.32b
340 If you're using this package to create mods for the last official release of
341 Q3, it is necessary to pass the commandline option '-vq3' to your invocation
342 of q3asm. This is because by default q3asm outputs an updated qvm format that
343 is necessary to fix a bug involving the optimizing pass of the x86 vm JIT
344 compiler.
346 Creating standalone games
347 Have you finished the daunting task of removing all dependencies on the Q3
348 game data? You probably now want to give your users the opportunity to play
349 the game without owning a copy of Q3, which consequently means removing cd-key
350 and authentication server checks. In addition to being a straightforward Q3
351 client, ioquake3 also purports to be a reliable and stable code base on which
352 to base your game project.
354 However, before you start compiling your own version of ioquake3, you have to
355 ask yourself: Have we changed or will we need to change anything of importance
356 in the engine?
358 If your answer to this question is "no", it probably makes no sense to build
359 your own binaries. Instead, you can just use the pre-built binaries on the
360 website. Just make sure the game is called with:
362 +set com_basegame <yournewbase>
364 in any links/scripts you install for your users to start the game. The
365 binary must not detect any original quake3 game pak files. If this
366 condition is met, the game will set com_standalone to 1 and is then running
367 in stand alone mode.
369 If you want the engine to use a different directory in your homepath than
370 e.g. "Quake3" on Windows or ".q3a" on Linux, then set a new name at startup
371 by adding
373 +set com_homepath <homedirname>
375 to the command line. Then you can control which kind of messages to send to
376 the master server:
378 +set sv_heartbeat <heartbeat> +set sv_flatline <flatline>
379 +set cl_gamename <gamename>
381 The <heartbeat> and <flatline> message can be specific to your game. The
382 flatline message is sent to signal the master server that the game server is
383 quitting. Vanilla quake3 uses "QuakeArena-1" both for the heartbeat and
384 flatline messages.
385 The cl_gamename message is for dpmaster to specify which game the client
386 wants a server list for. It is only used in the new ipv6 based getServersExt
387 query.
389 Example line:
391 +set com_basegame basefoo +set com_homepath .foo
392 +set sv_heartbeat fooalive +set sv_flatline foodead
393 +set cl_gamename foo
396 If you really changed parts that would make vanilla ioquake3 incompatible with
397 your mod, we have included another way to conveniently build a stand-alone
398 binary. Just run make with the option BUILD_STANDALONE=1. Don't forget to edit
399 the PRODUCT_NAME and subsequent #defines in qcommon/q_shared.h with
400 information appropriate for your project.
402 While a lot of work has been put into ioquake3 that you can benefit from free
403 of charge, it does not mean that you have no obligations to fulfil. Please be
404 aware that as soon as you start distributing your game with an engine based on
405 our sources we expect you to fully comply with the requirements as stated in
406 the GPL. That includes making sources and modifications you made to the
407 ioquake3 engine as well as the game-code used to compile the .qvm files for
408 the game logic freely available to everyone. Furthermore, note that the "QIIIA
409 Game Source License" prohibits distribution of mods that are intended to
410 operate on a version of Q3 not sanctioned by id software:
412 "with this Agreement, ID grants to you the non-exclusive and limited right
413 to distribute copies of the Software ... for operation only with the full
414 version of the software game QUAKE III ARENA"
416 This means that if you're creating a standalone game, you cannot use said
417 license on any portion of the product. As the only other license this code has
418 been released under is the GPL, this is the only option.
420 This does NOT mean that you cannot market this game commercially. The GPL does
421 not prohibit commercial exploitation and all assets (e.g. textures, sounds,
422 maps) created by yourself are your property and can be sold like every other
423 game you find in stores.
425 cl_guid Support
426 cl_guid is a cvar which is part of the client's USERINFO string. Its value
427 is a 32 character string made up of [a-f] and [0-9] characters. This
428 value is pseudo-unique for every player. Id's Quake 3 Arena client also
429 sets cl_guid, but only if Punkbuster is enabled on the client.
431 If cl_guidServerUniq is non-zero (the default), then this value is also
432 pseudo-unique for each server a client connects to (based on IP:PORT of
433 the server).
435 The purpose of cl_guid is to add an identifier for each player on
436 a server. This value can be reset by the client at any time so it's not
437 useful for blocking access. However, it can have at least two uses in
438 your mod's game code:
439 1) improve logging to allow statistical tools to index players by more
440 than just name
441 2) granting some weak admin rights to players without requiring passwords
443 Using HTTP/FTP Download Support (Server)
444 You can enable redirected downloads on your server even if it's not
445 an ioquake3 server. You simply need to use the 'sets' command to put
446 the sv_dlURL cvar into your SERVERINFO string and ensure sv_allowDownloads
447 is set to 1
449 sv_dlURL is the base of the URL that contains your custom .pk3 files
450 the client will append both fs_game and the filename to the end of
451 this value. For example, if you have sv_dlURL set to
452 "", fs_game is "baseq3", and the client is
453 missing "test.pk3", it will attempt to download from the URL
454 ""
456 sv_allowDownload's value is now a bitmask made up of the following
457 flags:
458 1 - ENABLE
459 4 - do not use UDP downloads
460 8 - do not ask the client to disconnect when using HTTP/FTP
462 Server operators who are concerned about potential "leeching" from their
463 HTTP servers from other ioquake3 servers can make use of the HTTP_REFERER
464 that ioquake3 sets which is "ioQ3://{SERVER_IP}:{SERVER_PORT}". For,
465 example, Apache's mod_rewrite can restrict access based on HTTP_REFERER.
467 Using HTTP/FTP Download Support (Client)
468 Simply setting cl_allowDownload to 1 will enable HTTP/FTP downloads
469 assuming ioquake3 was compiled with USE_CURL=1 (the default).
470 like sv_allowDownload, cl_allowDownload also uses a bitmask value
471 supporting the following flags:
472 1 - ENABLE
473 2 - do not use HTTP/FTP downloads
474 4 - do not use UDP downloads
476 When ioquake3 is built with USE_CURL_DLOPEN=1 (default on some platforms),
477 it will use the value of the cvar cl_cURLLib as the filename of the cURL
478 library to dynamically load.
480 Multiuser Support on Windows systems
481 On Windows, all user specific files such as autogenerated configuration,
482 demos, videos, screenshots, and autodownloaded pk3s are now saved in a
483 directory specific to the user who is running ioquake3.
485 On NT-based such as Windows XP, this is usually a directory named:
486 "C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Quake3\"
488 Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME will use a directory like:
489 "C:\Windows\Application Data\Quake3"
490 in single-user mode, or:
491 "C:\Windows\Profiles\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Quake3"
492 if multiple logins have been enabled.
494 In order to access this directory more easily, the installer may create a
495 Shortcut which has its target set to:
496 "%APPDATA%\Quake3\"
497 This Shortcut would work for all users on the system regardless of the
498 locale settings. Unfortunately, this environment variable is only
499 present on Windows NT based systems.
501 You can revert to the old single-user behaviour by setting the fs_homepath
502 cvar to the directory where ioquake3 is installed. For example:
503 ioquake3.exe +set fs_homepath "c:\ioquake3"
504 Note that this cvar MUST be set as a command line parameter.
506 SDL Keyboard Differences
507 ioquake3 clients have different keyboard behaviour compared to the original
508 Quake3 clients.
510 * "Caps Lock" and "Num Lock" can not be used as normal binds since they
511 do not send a KEYUP event until the key is pressed again.
513 * SDL > 1.2.9 does not support disabling dead key recognition. In order to
514 send dead key characters (e.g. ~, ', `, and ^), you must key a Space (or
515 sometimes the same character again) after the character to send it on
516 many international keyboard layouts.
518 * The SDL client supports many more keys than the original Quake3 client.
519 For example the keys: "Windows", "SysReq", "ScrollLock", and "Break".
520 For non-US keyboards, all of the so called "World" keys are now supported
521 as well as F13, F14, F15, and the country-specific mode/meta keys.
523 On many international layouts the default console toggle keys are also dead
524 keys, meaning that dropping the console potentially results in
525 unintentionally initiating the keying of a dead key. Futhermore SDL 1.2's
526 dead key support is broken by design and Q3 doesn't support non-ASCII text
527 entry, so the chances are you won't get the correct character anyway.
529 If you use such a keyboard layout, you can set the cvar cl_consoleKeys. This
530 is a space delimited list of key names that will toggle the console. The key
531 names are the usual Q3 names e.g. "~", "`", "c", "BACKSPACE", "PAUSE",
532 "WINDOWS" etc. It's also possible to use ASCII characters, by hexadecimal
533 number. Some example values for cl_consoleKeys:
535 "~ ` 0x7e 0x60" Toggle on ~ or ` (the default)
536 "WINDOWS" Toggle on the Windows key
537 "c" Toggle on the c key
538 "0x43" Toggle on the C character (Shift-c)
539 "PAUSE F1 PGUP" Toggle on the Pause, F1 or Page Up keys
541 Note that when you elect a set of console keys or characters, they cannot
542 then be used for binding, nor will they generate characters when entering
543 text. Also, in addition to the nominated console keys, Shift-ESC is hard
544 coded to always toggle the console.
546 PNG support
547 ioquake3 supports the use of PNG (Portable Network Graphic) images as
548 textures. It should be noted that the use of such images in a map will
549 result in missing placeholder textures where the map is used with the id
550 Quake 3 client or earlier versions of ioquake3.
552 Recent versions of GtkRadiant and q3map2 support PNG images without
553 modification. However GtkRadiant is not aware that PNG textures are supported
554 by ioquake3. To change this behaviour open the file '' in the 'games'
555 directory of the GtkRadiant base directory with an editor and change the
556 line:
558 texturetypes="tga jpg"
560 to
562 texturetypes="tga jpg png"
564 Restart GtkRadiant and PNG textures are now available.
566 Building with MinGW for pre Windows XP
567 IPv6 support requires a header named "wspiapi.h" to abstract away from
568 differences in earlier versions of Windows' IPv6 stack. There is no MinGW
569 equivalent of this header and the Microsoft version is obviously not
570 redistributable, so in its absence we're forced to require Windows XP.
571 However if this header is acquired separately and placed in the qcommon/
572 directory, this restriction is lifted.
575 ------------------------------------------------------------- Contributing -----
577 Please send all patches to bugzilla (, or join the
578 mailing list ( and submit your patch there. The
579 best case scenario is that you submit your patch to bugzilla, and then post the
580 URL to the mailing list.
582 The focus for ioq3 is to develop a stable base suitable for further development
583 and provide players with the same Quake 3 experience they've had for years. As
584 such ioq3 does not have any significant graphical enhancements and none are
585 planned at this time. However, improved graphics and sound patches will be
586 accepted as long as they are entirely optional, do not require new media and
587 are off by default.
590 --------------------------------------------- Building Official Installers -----
592 We need help getting automated installers on all the platforms that ioquake3
593 supports. We don't neccesarily care about all the installers being identical,
594 but we have some general guidelines:
596 * Please include the id patch pk3s in your installer, which are available
597 from subject to agreement to the id
598 EULA. Your installer shall also ask the user to agree to this EULA (which
599 is in the /web/include directory for your convenience) and subsequently
600 refuse to continue the installation of the patch pk3s and pak0.pk3 if they
601 do not.
603 * Please don't require pak0.pk3, since not everyone using the engine
604 plans on playing Quake 3 Arena on it. It's fine to (optionally) assist the
605 user in copying the file or tell them how.
607 * It is fine to just install the binaries without requiring id EULA agreement,
608 providing pak0.pk3 and the patch pk3s are not refered to or included in the
609 installer.
611 * Please include at least an SDL so/dylib/dll on every platform.
613 * Please include an OpenAL so/dylib/dll, since every platform should be using
614 it by now.
616 * Please contact the mailing list when you've made your installer.
618 * Please be prepared to alter your installer on the whim of the maintainers.
620 * Your installer will be mirrored to an "official" directory, thus making it
621 a done deal.
623 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Credits -----
625 Maintainers
626 Ludwig Nussel <>
627 Thilo Schulz <>
628 Tim Angus <>
629 Tony J. White <>
630 Zachary J. Slater <>
632 Significant contributions from
633 Ryan C. Gordon <>
634 Andreas Kohn <>
635 Joerg Dietrich <>
636 Stuart Dalton <>
637 Vincent S. Cojot <vincent at cojot dot name>
638 optical <>
639 Aaron Gyes <>
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