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Hey, today I downloaded new version of h5ai and I really like new feature - tree. But I think, that it needs some improvments.

First - I hate when I walk in my folders (using icons, not tree) and on every page tree shows and hides itself. It's little annoying.

And second - maybe consider to use some alternative scrollbar (there are plenty of jQuery plugins to make custom scrollbars), because it looks like this (on Windows) and it's really not as pretty as the rest of h5ai

Anyway thanks for your work, this project is awesome. I'd like to see some updates on forrst ;)


That the tree shows first before it hides slipped into the current release. Forgot to change it. That's no problem at all!

As for the tree scrollbar, I know it looks ugly :( will be definitely styled in the next release! It's on top of my list..
Thanks for the feedback, I'll leave this thread open, till the scrollbar issue is solved.

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@lrsjng lrsjng reopened this Jul 19, 2011

Fixed in release 0.10

@lrsjng lrsjng closed this Jul 24, 2011
@lrsjng lrsjng added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 24, 2011
@lrsjng * fixed problems with XAMPP on Windows (see dot.htaccess comments for…
… instructions)

* fixed tree fade-in-fade-out effect for small displays ([issue #6](
* added custom scrollbar to tree ([issue #6](
* fixed broken links caused by URI encoding/decoding ([issue #9](
* added "empty" to localization (hope Google Translate did a good job here)
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