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jQuery.twinkle is provided under the terms of the MIT License.


develop branch

  • ...

v0.5.0 - 2013-08-12

  • refactors code
  • updates modplug to 1.0
  • adds demo
  • changes build process

v0.4 - 2011-09-22

  • fixed problem with closed tags like <input />, now all elements should be twinkable
  • removed release folder

v0.3 - 2011-09-18

  • refactored
  • added callback support after effect completed
  • effects can be removed by ID

v0.2 - 2011-08-12

  • changed names of built in effect from realase 0.1 (suffixed with -css)
  • added new effects based on HTML canvas

v0.1 - 2011-08-08

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