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Issue submission

  • When submitting an issue or bug report, please ensure to provide as much information as possible, please ensure that you are running on the latest stable version (tagged), or when using master, provide the specific commit being used.
  • Provide the minimum needed viable source to replicate the problem.

Pull requests

To review what is currently being worked on, or looked into, feel free to head over to the project board or the issues list.

Below are a few guidelines if you would like to contribute. Keep the code clean, standardized, and much of the quality should match Golang's standard library and common idioms.

  • Always test using the latest Go version.
  • Always use gofmt before committing anything.
  • Always have proper documentation before committing.
  • Keep the same whitespacing, documentation, and newline format as the rest of the project.
  • Only use 3rd party libraries if necessary. If only a small portion of the library is needed, simply rewrite it within the library to prevent useless imports.
  • Also see golang/go/wiki/CodeReviewComments

If you would like to assist, and the pull request is quite large and/or it has the potential of being a breaking change, please open an issue first so it can be discussed.

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