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This repo contains the website of the London Ruby User Group. It is deployed to

The website is a ruby application written using the middleman framework. Most of the content is written in markdown and rendered by kramdown.


  1. Ruby - the current version is declared in the ruby declaration in the Gemfile file in the repo.
  2. Bundler - the most current version available is likely to be best, but you can check the exact version in the BUNDLED_WITH statement at the bottom of the Gemfile.lock file in the repo
  3. Other dependencies are installed by bundler based on the contents of the Gemfile and Gemfile.lock files in the repo.


It's a standard middleman app so:

  1. Clone the repo locally
  2. Install dependencies with bundle install
  3. Run the application locally with bundle exec middleman


Fork the repo and create a Pull Request with your changes. More info in our contributing guidelines.


Commits to master are automatically deployed to the live site.

We use travis ci to build and deploy the site. Our travis project is controlled by our travis config.

On branches the deploy script simply runs bundle exec middleman build and reports success or failure with that process. On the master branch it also deploys the website as follows:

  1. travis runs bundle exec middleman build
  2. travis zips up the public folder generated by this build
  3. travis uploads this zip as a build artefact called on the travis-release branch of this repo (replacing any existing artefact with the same name).
  4. travis makes a web request to our deploy script which is hosted at:
  5. the deploy script downloads the build artefact from the travis-release branch on github, unpacks it and copies it into the right location on the webserver