Code for visualising the height of the Netherlands using AHN2 data
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Visualising the height of the Netherlands

This project generates "evelation profiles" of horizontal cuts through the Netherlands. The visualisation can be found here:


  • Lucas van Dijk
  • Dorus Leliveld (@Tclv)

This project was created as part of the course Data Visualisation at Delft University of Technology.


Visualisation itself

  • Node.JS
  • CoffeeScript
  • Gulp + several plugins

Data preprocessing

  • Python >= 3.4
  • PostgreSQL >= 9.3
  • PostGIS >= 2.1

Python Packages:

  • geopy
  • psycopg2
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Geoalchemy2
  • Shapely
  • requests
  • clint
  • python-slugify


Getting the code

  1. Create a virtual environment

     $ pyvenv nl-height
     $ cd nl-height
  2. Activate the environment

     $ source bin/activate
  3. Clone the repository

     $ git clone
  4. Install Python requirements

     $ cd nl-height
     $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Install Node.JS requirements

     $ npm install

NB: Most of the code has been written about two years ago, I did not update to the latest and shiniest method for keeping track of NPM packages, JS build systems, etc.

Data preprocessing

  1. Create a new PostgreSQL database, with PostGIS extension

     $ createdb nlheight
     $ psql -d nlheight
     psql> CREATE EXTENSION postgis;
  2. Enter your database configuration

     $ cp config/seahouse.conf.tpl config/seahouse.conf
     $ vim config/seahouse.conf
  3. Load AHN units shapefile into the database

     $ cd data/ahn/
     $ psql -d nlheight -f ahn_units.sql
  4. Convert lo_x en lo_y columns to integer

     $ psql -d seahouse
     psql> ALTER TABLE ahn_units ALTER COLUMN lo_x TYPE integer USING
     psql> ALTER TABLE ahn_units ALTER COLUMN lo_y TYPE integer USING
  5. Download all AHN datasets

     $ cd ../../
     $ python python/
  6. Extract all AHN zipfiles

     $ python python/
  7. Load AHN raster data into the database

     $ cd data/ahn/units/
     $ raster2pgsql -s 28992 -I -M -F -C -t 50x50 ahn2_5_*.tif ahn_raster > raster_data.sql
     $ psql -d nlheight -f raster_data.sql
  8. Generate elevation profiles for a given location. Repeat this step for multiple locations.

     $ cd ../../../
     $ python python/ Delft

Development Server

  1. Run gulp, includes a file watcher with automatic reload

     $ gulp