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- Kral < >
+ Influencer < >
- A social media crawling engine, built on Django.
- Aims to provide a framework for rapidly collect data from social networks
- based on defined search criteria. Built to be a foundation for a wide
- range of social applications, and to bring accountability and public
- to the way in which data is collected and promote others to get involved
- to help us collect as much data as possible with the fewest resources.
+ A simple fun application to compare two sets of keywords to each other
+ based on their requency of use across social popular networks.
+ It does this by making use of the Kral engine, and can be considered
+ a sample application for one potential use of this engine.
+ More information on the Kral engine can be found at:
+ < >
- * Ability to harvest user information, and posts from Twitter and
- * Ability to expand all short-urls into full real URLs.
+ * Ability to accept 2 keywords and stream side-by-side social data for them
- * Modular design. Easily add or disable "kraling" for different social networks.
+ * Ability to compare frequency of mentions via two tubes of 'goo'
- Many more features coming soon as this project is under active development.
- This is by no means production-ready code. Do not actually use it in
- production unless you wish to be eaten by a grue.
+ This uses a frozen snapshot of kral at known working commits, may not work
+ with the latest commits of kral.
Questions/Comments? Please check us out on IRC via irc://

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