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Effects Plugin for Scala

This repo holds the source of a Scala compiler plugin for effect checking. For documentation refer to the Wiki on Github.

Scala Version

The master branch of this repository builds against Scala 2.10.1.

In the upcoming Scala 2.11 (the master branch of the the scala/scala repository), templates and constructors have a slightly different tree representation. The scala-2.11 should take that into account (it is not up to date though, the main branch might not merge cleanly into it, and it's not tested)


Just run sbt package. The resulting target/scala-2.10/effects-plugin_2.10-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar file is a compiler plugin that can be used with the Scala 2.10.1 compiler (the Wiki explains how).

Running the Tests

The tests for the plugin are in a separate sbt project: the reason is that we first need to build the compiler plugin (done in sbt project effects-plugin) and then run the tests using the plugin .jar file (sbt project tests).

Therefore, use the sbt command tests/test to run the tests. For details on the testing framework check the Wiki.


Eclipse Screenshot

Compiler Output

tsf-444-wpa-1-227:src luc$ ~/scala/scala-2.10.1/bin/scalac -P:effects:domains:purity:exceptions:io -Xplugin:/Users/luc/scala/efftp/target/scala-2.10/effects-plugin_2.10-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar -cp /Users/luc/scala/efftp/target/scala-2.10/effects-plugin_2.10-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar T.scala 
T.scala:10: error: effect type mismatch;
 found   : @io
 required: @noIo
T.scala:18: error: effect type mismatch;
 found   : @mod(C.this) @loc(any)
 required: @mod(x$1$2) @assign(x$1$2,any) @loc(any)
@mod(C.this) does not conform to @mod(x$1$2)
  def incBad(): Unit @mod() = x = x + 1
T.scala:24: error: effect type mismatch;
 found   : @mod() @loc() @throws[C.this.E1] @noIo
 required: @mod(any) @assign(any) @loc(any) @throws[Nothing] @io
@throws[C.this.E1] does not conform to @throws[Nothing]
  def bad(): Int @throws[Nothing] = throw new E1
three errors found

More Examples

Have a look at the tests. The most enlightening test is probably the one on collections.