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Donnie's Body

This repository has all files required to build the Donnie's body with a 3D printer.

Required Material

Donnie requires about 500g of PLA. We use PLA because its low retraction factor in large pieces.

Production Phase

  1. The 3D printer requires the stl files, in the stl_files folder.
  2. We use Slicer (1.2.9) to slice and 3d printing the robot. We use the following configs on slicer:
  • Infill: 20%;
  • Layer height: 0.3mm;
  • Without support (parts that need support have it in the model).

Modifying Donnie's Body

We used the Solidworks 2014 to model the robot. All the source files are in the solidworks directory.


You can visualize the 3D PDF files with Adobe Reader 9 or above. You just need to click in "Enable 3D View" when open the 3D PDF.

Meet Donnie !!!