Monitor BGP sessions on mikrotik from zabbix
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One scripts and template for monitoring bgp sessions in zabbix.

Import template to your zabbix instalation.

  • [TPE]Mikrotik_BGP.xml -

Place scripts in zabbix external scripts folder.



    • lld (user) (pass) (ip of RounterOS)
    • uptime (user) (pass) (ip of RouterOS) (ip of bgp peer, get ldd)
    • rotas (user) (pass) (ip of RouterOS) (ip of bgp peer, get ldd)
    • state (user) (pass) (ip of RouterOS) (ip of bgp peer, get ldd)
  • - used for returning peers list to zabbix

  • - get bgp session state and return 0 or 1.

  • RosAPI - RouterOS API library for python (thx David Jelić and Luka Blašković)


  • bsod (t1bur1an)