Export tagged photos from a Shotwell or DigiKam photo database
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The picsel project

This currently consists of two Python scripts shotwell2blog.py and digikam2blog.py.

Both scripts copy tagged photos from a Shotwell or DigiKam photo database to a target filesystem. Alternatively they can also simply list their filenames in different ways instead of copying the files.

I use to have all my photos in a single DigiKam photo database. When I want to share a photo, then I tag it with a given name (e.g. "blog"). And after closing DigiKam, I run a make process which copies those pictures to a cache directory and then uses rsync to publish them to an internet server.

Usage examples:

(Replace xxx in examples below by either shotwell or digiḱam.)

List the file names of all photos tagged "foo":

$ xxx2blog.py foo

Copy all photos marked "blog" to a directory ~/myblog/pictures. Maintain subdirectories. Don't touch existing photos:

$ xxx2blog.py -t ~/myblog/pictures blog

Create a zip file with a copy of each photo tagged "Foo" (the -j option is to not include directory names):

$ xxx2blog.py Foo | xargs zip -j foo.zip

Create a zip file with all photos tagged Foo and taken after 2015-01-01, expect those with "AÜ" in their name:

$ xxx2blog.py -a 2015-01-01 Foo | grep -v AÜ | xargs zip Foo2015.zip


  • Export also videos