a wide range of heterogenous testdata, useful during technical application development
Arc Perl R


Test Data Hub for Developers


This folder contains a varied set of files in common-formats often found in web-based and cross-platform frameworks. Covered will be a wide, heterogeneous range of information from disciplines such as social media to chemistry.

Some files were provided with the 'Dojo Framework v1.6'


The files are intended to serve as a standard test-set, which may be used for data input during application development.

Use scenarios may be:

  • sentiment mining
  • data visualization
  • data correlation
  • semantic maps
  • data converters
  • data modeling processes
  • database schemas
  • metadata
  • general purpose sets
  • benchmarks
  • etc.


This collection is still in process and no package has been released. Feel free to suggest/commit your own files.