KeyBoarder is a small, fast javascript library for dynamically rendering visually appealing, navigatable keyboard shortcuts.
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interactive Keyboard shortcut rendering for blogs and docs
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author: Lo Sauer (c)2011;
license: MIT or BSD - dual licensed
description: KeyBoarder is a small, fast javascript library for dynamically rendering appealing, navigatable keyboard shortcuts
note: Please contribute if you like the project. New CSS Styles are always welcome.


  • Avoid cluttering your documents with HTML tags
  • Event binding: allow users to navigate to the shortcut-description in your document, simply by pressing the given key-combination
  • Apealing design
  • visual feedback of the currently pressed key(s)
  • Configurable: KeyBoarder can be constrained to certain HTML tags
  • compartmentalized instance. Different instances of KeyBoarder can process different parts of a site differently
  • KeyBoarder can be turned off at any time through the method: mykeyBoardInstance.restore(status), where status is an integer between 0-2
  • Specificity: Individual styles and events can be set at the level of single keys
  • Ideal for blogs, application documentations, or any other documents that describe the use of shortcut combinations
  • Works in FireFox, Opera and WebKit (Chrome, Safari,...)

Project Links

Getting started

  • Include the following css:
	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"  href="">
  • Include the following javascript:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="" charset="utf-8"></script>