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OneResume is a Linux tool to generate resumes in a variety of formats from one YAML source file.

Can also be used to generate cover letters in the same style.


OneResume requires Python3 and some LaTeX compiler (XeLaTex or LuaLaTeX are recommended.)

Install dependencies

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

OneResume depends on Jinja2 and PyYAML.

Edit the resume content

The resume content and a few basic config settings are found in resume.yml. This contains my own resume. You should edit it, obviously.

School transcript information is in transcript.yml.

Some notes:

  • The description bullet points for jobs, education, etc, can handle the following basic markdown formatting:
    • **bold**
    • _italic_
    • [links](http://link.url)
  • If you want to use a different font for LaTeX, be aware that the LaTeX generator will search for the following three variants in the /fonts folder:
    • fontname-regular
    • fontname-italic
    • fontname-bold

Edit the template

Resume templates are found in /templates. Resume generation uses the Jinja2 templating engine. If you are editing the LaTeX template, be aware that certain Jinja2 delimiters were redefined so as not to mess with LaTeX commands.

Generating resumes


To generate resumes from resume.yml and (if needed) transcript.yml. Alternative source paths can be specified:

python3 --resume=path/to/resume --transcript=path/to/transcript

Generating cover letters


You can generate cover letters!

python3 --letter=path/to/letter

The generator will wrap the the letter contents with the resume header and produce a PDF of the result. Therefore, whatever formatting is desired for the letter should be done using LaTeX. Also, you will have to escape LaTeX special characters -- for example, C# needs to be written as C\#.


python3 --blank

This will generate a .tex file with a resume header, to be filled in later.

To do

  • .docx support