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Compressed Bloom Filters (Golomb-compressed sequences, with indices)
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base-64-encode.hs base 64 encoder (to use with window.atob()) Sep 17, 2012
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golomb-encode.hs faster golomb encoding Sep 19, 2012
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make-hash-sequences.rb unfairly faster ruby implementation Sep 19, 2012
make-index.hs bug: set modulus after setting false positive Sep 27, 2012


Golomb-compressed sequences (with indices) for large datasets

To create a golomb-compressed sequence, first install packages and compile code.

cabal install bytestring-show pure-md5

ghc --make -O2 make-hash-sequences.hs
ghc --make -O2 golomb-encode.hs
ghc --make -O2 make-index.hs
ghc --make -O2 base-64-encode.hs

And then, write one key per line on stdin to, and will write binary data to stdout, and will write a JSON object to stderr. (The JSON object makes sense to use in a browser, the binary data makes sense to use on the command line.)

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