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Stdnet comes with a singleton setting instance which can be accessed by::
from stdnet.conf import settings
The setting instance contains few default parameters used in throughout
the library. This parameters can be changed by the user by simply
overriding them.
.. attribute:: settings.DEFAULT_BACKEND
the default :class:`stdnet.BackendDataServer` connection string. Check
the :ref:`registering models <register-model>` documentation.
Default ``"redis://"``.
.. attribute:: DEFAULT_KEYPREFIX
The prefix to prepend to all keys.
Default ``"stdnet"``.
.. attribute:: settings.REDIS_PY_PARSER
Set stdnet to use the internal python parser for redis.
By default it is set to ``False`` which causes
the library to choose the best possible available. More information
is contained in the :ref:`redis parser <redis-parser>` documentation.
Default ``False``.
.. attribute:: settings.MAX_CONNECTIONS
The maximim number of connections to have opened at the same time.
Default ``unlimited``.
.. attribute:: settings.RedisConnectionClass
The Redis Connection class. If not set the
:class:`stdnet.lib.connection.Connection` will be used.
Default ``None``
To change settings::
from stdnet.conf import settings
settings.DEFAULT_BACKEND = 'redis://'
import os
class Settings(object):
def __init__(self):
self.DEFAULT_BACKEND = 'redis://'
self.DEFAULT_KEYPREFIX = 'stdnet.'
self.CHARSET = 'utf-8'
self.REDIS_PY_PARSER = False
self.MAX_CONNECTIONS = 2**31
self.RedisConnectionClass = None
settings = Settings()
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