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Daniel Starling's landing page for Guidr
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Daniel Starling's landing page for Guidr

Guidr Lambda School Build Week Feb 4-8 2019

Project Overview Pitch: Guidr helps back country guides of all types log their private/professional trips.

MVP: Guides will be able to use Guidr to build their Outdoor Resume. Users can login, create, read, and update their trips with a trip type, location, duration, and whether it's private or professional.

Stretch: Allow users to print off their outdoor resume in PDF format so that they can hand it off to potential employers/guide licenseing organizations.

MEMBERS: UX Designer: Olu Durojaiye


UI 1: Daniel Starling UI 2: James Basile UI 3: Will Schulz

Front End 1: David Flack Front End 2: Daniel Weinman

Back End: Holden Bucher

SCRUM Master: Adam Reid

Project Objectives MVP

Login/Sign up Pages: User can login to their account or sign up for an account using a Username and Password. Portfolio Page: Allows users to add Title, Tagline (short description of the type of guide they specialize in), age and length of time spent as a guide. Home Page: in a list view, a user can see their trips that they have saved to their portfolio. Trip name and short description A user can delete a trip. A user can create a trip. A trip must be able to have a title, description, a "private/professional" toggle option, a type, duration and date. A user can edit a trips details duration length and date. STRETCH

Allow users to upload photos to their trips. Allow users to download a professional resume that lays out their information. Based on the "duration" of each trip, in hours, aggregate the trip durations and have a widget that displays how many private and professional hou

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